Super Easy Trick To Keep Your Sleeves Pushed Up

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Pretty much every sleeve I wear gets pushed up at some point throughout the day. Not only do I prefer the look, but it helps give myself “presence”, which is one of the ways I think about styling outfits for my petite height. When I need a sleeve pushed up and it just doesn’t want to stay, this is the super easy trick I use. Quite simply…hair ties!

All you need are hair ties that blend with the color of your garment and won’t cut off circulation to your arms. Soft and highly stretchy ones are your best bet. Here are the steps:

  1. Pull the hair tie on over top the wrist of your sleeve.
  2. Push the sleeve up where you want it to stay.
  3. Adjust the hair tie so it sits at a comfortable spot on your arm.
  4. Hide the hair tie in the fabric folds/bunches so it can’t be seen.

Here are some hair ties that will do the trick:

The Hair Ties Used In This Video

I purchased these exact “ouchless” hair ties which come in a handy pack of neutrals that should work for most occasions. I like these for their super stretchy flat fabric construction which makes them both easy to hide and a comfortable way to secure sleeves.

The Hair Ties I’ve Seen Other People Use

These coil hair ties come in multiple colors (here’s black) as well as this handy clear which would work for most things. These are round, so will be harder to hide in the folds/bunches of fabric than a flatter hair tie, but looks like a comfortable option. These come in multiple thicknesses, but I expect these “slim” versions will have a slightly lower profile. There’s also a kid’s version if you need something even smaller/snugger.

These Hair Ties Look Comfy

These high stretch cotton hair ties come in a pack of neutrals (shown here), bright colors, or basic black. I’m betting these would work well, not to mention just generally handy to have around the house. This pack of 50 will last you forever.
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  1. says: Claudia T

    Love this tip! If your arms are too big for premade hair ties you can also buy the foldover elastic (what’s used to make the hair ties you used in the video) and make your own. Just cut off a length a couple inches longer than the circumference of your arm and tie the two ends together in a simple knot.

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