Oversized Petite


Shirt – Gap // size xs petite
PantsBanana Republic // size 0 petite // same print
Watch – Larsson & Jennings
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

“Oversized petite” sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Worked out really well with this shirt though.

The way I approach oversized items is all about making it look intentional as opposed to accidental. Usually, that means sticking to just one oversized piece per outfit and styling it in a way where you can still see my body underneath (for this look that would include cuffing sleeves, front-tuck, and open neckline). If I can shop oversized pieces but in petite proportions, it’s even better. In the case of this shirt, petite proportions keep the collar nice and small, and the sleeves/overall length a better fit than if I had shopped a regular or men’s size.

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