When Life Gives You Bigger Boobs…

Madewell Dispatch Utility Military Jacket Outfit

JacketMadewell // size petite xxs
Camisole – Aritzia // size xxs
JeansMadewell // size 23
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

When life gives you bigger boobs, unbutton your blouse. 😏

Seriously though, looks like it’s time to toss this one out. I’ve been slowly purging items from my closet and thinking of putting up a Poshmark or Depop, but not sure if it’s a good time to set up a shop. Would you guys be interested if I set up a shop this summer? Or would it be better if I waited until things settled down a bit more? If I did put up a shop, do you like Poshmark or Depop best?

– More Jackets in Petite Sizes –

The Madewell Dispatch Jacket is my personal favorite with its combo of details and heavy cotton canvas fabric, but this style can be found in petite sizes from heavy cotton to drapey satins.


– More Grey Straight Leg Denim in Petite Sizes –

The Madewell “Perfect Vintage” is doing a great job keeping my quarantine 15 in check, but here are some more options in petites. The Topshop ones are 100% rigid denim.


– More Button Camisoles –

Mine is super old from Aritzia but here are a few similar options.

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