Wardrobe Goals – Petite Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg Pants Petite Outfit

PantsGap // size petite 0
Tee – Uniqlo // size xs
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik // size 34 // similar
Watch – Larsson & Jennings
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

What are your wardrobe goals?

Mine is to add more pants to my wardrobe. If staying at home has taught me anything, it’s that I rely a lot on denim and haven’t given pants a proper chance. I blame the difficulty of finding good silhouettes and fits for my height, which drove me to focus on denim since good fits are easier to find and more forgiving.

One silhouette I’m committed to try more of is wide leg. I love the look on others but tend to feel swallowed up in them, especially my profile. It doesn’t help that I already don’t have much of a torso, which makes figuring out which top to wear a challenge. 😂

My goal is to feel comfortable and confident in this silhouette, but this pair just ain’t it. This doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying though. Maybe there’s a magic combination of fabric and fit out there that will do the trick. A slimmer cut? A fabric with more of a fluid drape? A smaller print, or no print at all?

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