Review: Petite-Friendly AG Denim Jeans

AG Isabelle Straight Jeans Outfit for Petite Fashion

Cardigan – Zara // size s
TeeUniqlo // size xs
Jeans – AG “Isabelle” // size 24
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

Let me introduce you to a designer denim brand that hits in all the right spots on petite or short legs

Jeans and tee are exact. Cardigan and necklace are similars:

Few things make me as happy as petite-friendly denim! These jeans were on promo at Nordstrom Rack a little while ago so I thought I’d try the Isabelle High Rise Straight by AG after really loving and living in the AG Jodi Crop Flare. Once again, AG’s fit and wash did not disappoint. I’ll also note here that AG makes excellent vintage washes. especially compared to other brands available in petites or that run petite-friendly.

Click through to the video review in the Instagram post below to see what I mean. Jeans in the video are the Isabelle and Jodi.

Fit Notes:

  • I find AG jeans to run a tad small. I take my usual size (24), but the fit is snug. A size up works, but I really prefer the more fitted silhouette afforded to me by my usual size, and rely on the denim to stretch a bit with wear for comfort.
  • Where I find AG to run smallest compared to other brands is in the thigh. If you require more room in the thigh, you may want to size up.
  • The construction in the tummy/front rise area is snug and flattening. Even though I’ll have plenty of room in the waist, the front tummy area feels snug. I find this flattening on my body type in a good way, but can also feel uncomfortable if you are used to stretchier/roomier denim in that area.

Shop The AG Isabelle Straight:

Slim in the thigh and straight the rest of the way down from there.


Shop the AG Jodi Crop Flare:

Fitted in the thigh with a small at the bottom. Great for balancing hips.


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