Emerald Velvet Blazer

Frame Velvet Blazer

Blazers like this are so handy to have around, I didn’t feel at all guilty adding it to the wardrobe. They make excellent holiday outfits, work in a pinch for dressier occasions (like baby/bridal showers or birthday parties) and look luxe when worn casually. I’d wear this green one to a wedding with black dress pants, or out to get drinks paired with jeans (like this outfit, for example).

This one has been on my wish list since last year so I was super stoked to see it heavily discounted as part of the Frame sample sale (still available in a few sizes). The crushed velvet hides imperfections (which tends to happen to well-loved velvet over time), and the color is rich and dark, versatile for many occasions. Velvet is also interesting in that it spans a range of style aesthetics. It’s boho, edgy, vintage, or luxe/designer depending on how you style it.

I find Frame blazers to generally fit pretty petite-friendly. The shoulder, length, and even button placement works well on my frame. Only the sleeve is a tad long, but I push my sleeves up anyway so I don’t pay much attention to that anymore. Even if you don’t particularly like this one, keep an eye on Frame for potential blazer gems.

If you end up picking this one up, send me a photo! I’d love to see how you style it!


Blazer – Frame // size 00 // ON SALE
Shirt – Everlane “Slim Silk Shirt” // size 00 // (similar)
Scarf – Free People // (similar)
Jeans – AG “Jodi” // size 24 // (same fit)
Boots – Marc Fisher // size 5
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

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