Suistudio Tuxedo Blazer In Short (Petite)

Suistudio Tuxedo Blazer Review on Petite

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’re familiar with my deep, burning love for blazers and menswear. Sadly, being petite puts a damper on this love affair as the cruel mix of short height, short torso, and narrow shoulders stiffs me with having to shop petite sizes if I’m really after that fit I oh so love. And let me tell you, the pool of beautiful, well made, fun menswear-inspired blazers in true petite sizes is very, very, very shallow. I can pull off a regular-sized beauty if I need to (thank gawd for this decade’s obsession with oversized), but a petite size always just feels and looks so much better.

So, if you’re petite and like suiting as much as I do, check out this tuxedo blazer by Suistudio in the next slides of the Instagram post below (video). It comes in short (which is essentially petite), and is very well made/constructed, especially for its current sale price. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this brand in the future!

There is a selection of Suistudio suiting available in short sizes at Nordstrom Rack. If you don’t need short sizes, then you are especially lucky, because even better sale prices are available on regular sizes right now at Nordstrom. And of course, you can shop the current line at their website.


Blazer – Suistudio // size 32S // (in navy)
Shirt – r13 // size xxs // (similar) (similar)
Jeans – Madewell Perfect Vintage // size petite 23
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

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