Home Happy Hour

Leopard Satin Pajamas by Topshop

We have reached the ridiculous pajamas phase of the pandemic. These shall henceforth be known as my whiskey pajamas 🥃


PJ’s – Topshop // size xs
Jewelry – Vintage/No Brand

These are sold out, but there are plenty of more fun options to choose from. My faves are below:


I especially love these, also by Topshop!

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  1. says: Justin

    Cheers to turning every hour into a ‘Home Happy Hour’! There’s something delightful about creating your own cozy bar corner and mixing up your favorite cocktails right at home. Currently sipping on a refreshing mojito while enjoying the comfort of my space. What’s your go-to home happy hour drink? Share your recipes and let’s raise a virtual glass together! ✨ #HomeHappyHour #MixologyMagic

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