Tip Tuesday – How To Make Your Closet Feel More Cohesive

H&M plaid jacket, Uniqlo tee tshirt, red chanel classic flap, ag jodi jeans petite

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TIP TUESDAY :: Does your closet feel cohesive and streamlined? If not, do you want it to?

You know that feeling of having nothing to wear? Like nothing in your closet goes together? Like you have no clothes even though you can clearly see your closet overflowing with items?

Something that has really helped keep cohesion in my wardrobe over years of purging and purchasing has been a closet MOOD BOARD. Just like how fashion designers create a mood board of the colors, print, textures, and mood of a new collection, you can create a mood board for your wardrobe. Mine isn’t written down anywhere, it’s just in my head, but it keeps me focused and streamlined when it comes to deciding which items to keep or toss and ensures my new purchases make sense with the rest of my wardrobe.

Do you have a closet mood board? Would you like to learn more about how to put one together?


Jacket – H&M // size xs
Tee – Uniqlo // size xs
Jeans – AG “Jodi” // size 24 // (same fit)
Handbag – Chanel Medium Double-Flap (similar)
Necklace – Brooch + Chain // (great lion)
Ring – Tacori
Bracelets – Vintage/No Brand

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