Plaid Shirt Jacket (& Tips For Styling Oversized Items)

H&M plaid jacket petite fashion outfit idea

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Jacket – H&M // size xs
Tee – Uniqlo // size xs
Jeans – AG “Jodi” // size 24 // (same fit)
Handbag – Chanel Medium Double-Flap (similar)
Boots – Marc Fisher // size 5
Necklace – Brooch + Chain // (great lion)
Ring – Tacori
Bracelets – Vintage/No Brand

This jacket is not a piece I’d suggest as anything petite-friendly, but it is an excellent example of an oversized item that can still hold a place in your wardrobe. So go ahead and shop vintage, pre-owned, or raid some closets because yes, you can rock that even if it’s a few sizes too big. When going oversized as a petite, here are my styling suggestions:

  • Go oversized in a purposeful way. Make it obvious you’re playing with an oversized fit so it’s not assumed you’re just wearing clothes that don’t fit. Do this by going up two sizes instead of one, or shopping “oversized” fits in regular sizes that look obviously oversized on you.
  • Keep the rest of the outfit sleek and slim. I’ve done this here by wearing a thin tee underneath, as well as a slim-fitting pair of jeans and a sleek non-clunky shoe.
  • Let us see you. Show as much of yourself underneath as you can. I’ve done this by wearing the jacket open (so you can see my body underneath) as well as pushing up the sleeves (I’m using hair ties to keep the sleeves up I picked up from Amazon).

And a bonus tip: if an oversized item it too voluminous in the back for your liking, add a cross-body bag. The strap going across your back will tame the fabric.

plaid jacket, red chanel handbag, ag jeans, petite fashion outfit

plaid jacket, red chanel, ag jeans, marc fisher boots, petite style outfit

plaid jacket petite fashion style outfit

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