Cozy Zebra Print Cardigan

H&M zebra print cardigan

H&M brown zebra print cardigan

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I was too young when Seinfeld aired to pay it any attention, but am eating up the series lately (in the Friends vs. Seinfeld debate, I’m a staunch Seinfeld 😜). It’s so amusing to me how true to 90’s fashion everything is right now! I saw basically this exact same print on a love interest (I had no idea zebra prints were so huge in the 90’s), and was inspired to buy more long oversized cardigans after loving the look on another character.

So if you, too, are enjoying this current 90’s fashion cycle, this cardigan is soft, slouchy, and a steal at $35


Cardigan – H&M // size xs // (as a sweater)
Tee – Club Monaco // size xs // (similar) (similar)
Shorts – American Eagle // size 00 // (similar) (similar)
Belt – Ada Midi Wrap Belt // 50% off with code Kelly50 (also here & here)
Handbag – Proenza Schouler (in grey) (similar) (similar)
Jewelry – Vintage & overseas (similar thick chain)(similar thin chain)(similar lion)
Nail Color – Sally Hansen (also here)

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  1. says: Caroline

    Funny you should mention Seinfled- as a petite with curly brown hair (a lot longer and fluffier than yours) and a penchant for blazers I am always concerned about looking like Elaine! Her style, especially in the early episodes, is borderline cute but usually comes across as frumpy. I think it’s an issue with outfit proportions. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Caroline! Yes! I’ve noticed that too. I like her blazer-heavy wardrobe but she does usually look so frumpy! I think it’s a combo of the pieces being 90’s oversized, but not styled to compensate for that on her frame. She’s always so buttoned up so instead of seeing her tiny frame underneath (if pieces were worn more open), all we see are those big shoulder pads and loose rumply sleeves. I don’t think the straight leg jeans/pants help either. She’d be better off with a slimmer skinny cut to balance the size and length of her jackets/blazers. May just be symptom of the time though. Petite women I’ve talked to who lived through the 80’s and 90’s describe it as a cruel fashion period to be petite. Haha!

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