Apr. 8th, 2019

white belt on grey blazer

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TIP :: There’s an enemy of crisp bright white you may not know about…sunlight!

In the midst of closet cleanings, I found white cotton, silk, wool, leather…you name it…with dingy yellowed streaks. The culprit? Being stored somewhere with accidental sun exposure. I’ve posted a few of the most obvious examples to my Instagram Stories to see what I mean.

White items tend to naturally yellow over time, but exposure to sunlight can expedite the process & create streaks/spots where sunbeams and shadows were present. So, my advice to you…KEEP YOUR WHITES STORED SAFELY AWAY FROM SUN EXPOSURE. That means, in a dust bag, a closed closet, garment bag, away from windows, etc. Learn from my mistakes bc I’m still grieving over my yellowed silk blouse 😭


Blazer – Aritzia “Babaton Samuel” // size 00 // (similar under $100)
Tee – American Apparel // size s // (similar)
Belt – Linea Pelle // size xs // (love this)(under $100)
Watch – Nicole Vienna (similar)
Jewelry –Vintage & Etsy (similar)(similar)
Nail Color – Sally Hansen (also here)

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