Feb. 6th, 2019 – Personal Style & Breaking Free Of The Basic Bitch

PERSONAL STYLE & BREAKING FREE OF THE BASIC BITCH :: “Weird? But in a good way?” is how I explained my feelings about this burgundy and black velvet studded kimono. “Harnessing my inner Stevie Nicks” was another. “Looking extra sipping wine at the bar” is what sealed the deal. It feeds my love of ridiculous opulence, a stylistic preference I’m looking to harness more.

Social media democratized fashion, but now I’m left feeling like everyone looks the same (guilty). Fashion has always been tribal (goths or preps come to mind), but STYLE is always best served with a side of kooky and to the beat of your own drum. In an effort to break free of the basic, I recently thinned out my Instagram follows (try it…it feels great!) and began looking for style mavens doing their own thing to inspire me to let out my inner fashion weirdo.


Kimono – New Friends Colony (in olive)
Shirt – Club Monaco (similar)(love this)
Jeans –Madewell (also here)
Watch – Nicole Vienna (similar)
Jewelry –Vintage, Tacori & Catbird
Nail Color – Sally Hansen (also here)

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