Fit Review – Everlane Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer

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Hey, all! As requested by some of you on Instagram, I added the Everlane Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer to my last order to see what it was about. I opted for the Italian GoWeave Classic style over the Oversized style because I don’t tend to like oversized blazer silhouettes on my frame, even though I think I would have preferred that Grey Herringbone. Instead, I figured I’d have the most luck with the slimmer Classic, and opted for what I thought was the next best color, the rich military green called “Surplus”.

I’m wearing the Everlane Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer in “Surplus”, size 00. As always, my measurements for comparison can be found here.

Shoulder: 15 inches
Bust: 16.5 inches
Waist: 16 inches
Sleeve: 21.5 inches
Length: 25 inches

STYLE :: I actually really like the classic style and details of this blazer. Pockets are always important to me when it comes to my blazers, and I’m happy to see not only the usual two side pockets but a nicely sized chest pocket as well (perfect for keeping your sunglasses safe). Another nice surprise is this blazer has an inside pocket which I really appreciate. I usually carry a small card case for my ID (currently using this one from Everlane. This is one I’d pick up now. This one is cool.) and important credit cards, which I like to keep in these handy pockets when available. On the black and navy colors, the buttons match the fabric, but on the surplus, the black buttons add a nice detail that’s still neutral and not distracting.

FABRIC :: I was a bit confused by this one. I was expecting a flat, slightly rough suiting wool like my other suiting blazers (take Theory for example), but the texture felt much more like a synthetic or synthetic blend. It’s hard to describe, but it felt a bit too…smooth? I checked the composition tag because I was sure I had been duped, but sure enough, 100% wool. The fabric feels more like a soft drape blazer than that of a classic wool suiting blazer, which brings me to my next point…

FIT :: Given that the fabric felt more like that of a soft, drapey, synthetic, the fit felt that way too. The fabric lacked structure, which came out in the fit. I felt it just hung, which really isn’t my style. And even though this was the slimmest fit, the sizing was still oversized on my frame. The shoulder is just ever so slightly drooping, the sleeve is a tad wide, and the body just didn’t have any shape.

VERDICT :: This blazer just isn’t for me and will be getting returned. I prefer a more structured fabric and fitted silhouette, neither of which this blazer had in store for me. However, the color and pocket details make this a great piece especially at this price point, and I would recommend to someone looking for a nice classic in a drapey, relaxed silhouette. The reviews on the Everlane site are glowing, so it’s obviously a great choice.


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  1. Hey Kelly. I have just order a blazer myself (with stripes, you’d love it). The fit is perfect except for the sleeves. I see you often just tuck up your sleeves. Any tricks so they stay where you want them to? Would love to hear from you, since I am kind of struggling with this. The sleeves seem to have ideas of their own…going back to their original position ever so slowly but steadily.So, I would love to get tips how to keep them up! Love, Lieske

  2. says: Olivia

    Hi Kelly, thanks god I came across this. Just purchased Everlane’s wool academy blazer. I only found out about the issue with sleeve length 4 days later. Never did I shop any coat and jackets online before. My height is 153cm and my sleeve measurement is about the same as yours. Now I know I have to alter it.

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