Brand Loyalties

Outfit from my favorite brands, featuring Rag & Bone, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic Petites.

Nine West studded Garroy oxford flats.

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I’ve come to realize I’m really, really brand loyal, so much so, that my closet is slowly becoming a showroom for a select few names. If a brand can hit my three criteria, it becomes a match made in heaven:

  1. Fit – being so petite, my size is hard to find, so if a brand carries a fit and sizing that works well for me, that brand is one of the first places I look when I’m shopping around for something.
  2. Style – good fit is useless if it’s not what you want to wear, so a brand that not only fits, but also embodies my style is a game changer.
  3. Gratitude – I greatly appreciate great customer service (I often make returns because of my size) or that a brand is one of a few willing to service my sizing demographic. As a grateful customer, I try to return the favor by shopping there first.

My current favorite brands/stores:

Nordstrom – this is a favorite of mine based largely on gratitude. Nordies always carried super small shoe sizes when other stores didn’t, has amazing customer service, and has always been committed to special sizes.

Banana Republic & J.Crew – these two brands expanded into petite sizing early on in the game which made me a grateful customer. I like the styles they carry, and I can often find pieces in quality fabrics and cuts. Their sizes also tend to fit me well. A true trifecta of loyalty.

Rag & Bone – my denim wardrobe is one big Rag & Bone advertisement. The skinnies fit me like a glove and their urban vibe play to my style. When I’m wearing any other brand, I often find myself lamenting, “I wish these fit like my Rag & Bones”. Also, they make size small fedoras that I like, and their ankle boots run small. Icing on the cake.


Everlane – their sizing is hit or miss for me and their style can veer a little too boxy/voluminous for my taste, but I love their fabrics, pricing model, and have found some really great basics. Their customer service has also been great.

— Outfit Details —


Blazer Banana Republic
Tee Everlane (old) (this one looks close)
Jeans Rag & Bone (old) (this season’s merch)
Shoes Nine West (also here & here)
Watch Nicole Vienna (gifted) (similar)
Bracelets Vintage & old

— Altered —

nothing :)

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  1. says: Wendy

    I’m very much the same way – Being petite, I don’t have a ton of options! Aritzia tends to be my go-to, though not all items are petite-friendly. I’ve found some pieces that work from Banana Republic, but it’s really hit-or-miss, and I tend to have to try on 5-10 items before I find something that really fits. I like Ricki’s (Canadian brand) for pants because most pants they carry come n a 30″ inseam – They’re not the best quality, but they fit really well, and are reasonably priced.

  2. says: suz

    Yes yes yes I am a Talbot’s gal….very loyal….J. Crew as well for petites. I’m a lot older than you kind reader, as a tiny woman of a certain age, and you will get there, you will find Talbot’s is fabulous for tailored clothes. But they do have a problem with colors. I use to love Ann Taylor but she is gone from my area, or maybe gone forever, I don’t keep track. Any luck with small bangles as you promises us? I finally found a darling ann klein watch that FITS. It’s hard out there.

    Anyway, glad you are posting again sweetheart.

  3. says: Vanessa

    I have some clothes from Everlane because I like their model but in retrospect, most are too boxy for me. But what I love are my loafers-they are beautiful and classic. I’ll probably stick to shoes with Everlane.

    ASOS has some cute things in the Petite line.

  4. I can only applaud your 3 selection criteria Kelly and especially the one about “fitting” is such an important for me too. I am really, really petite and I am just so incredibly happy and thankful whenever I can find clothes that actually fit without any alterations needed. I absolutely love how you manage to always find the right clothes that not only fit but also totally are your preferred style. Great job! Love, Lieske

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