90’s Kid

I’ve been going back and listening to albums I loved as a teenager, and my gawd, it has been enlightening. Now that I’m older, I’m much more cynical and existential than I was in my teens (I was never an angsty teen. My parent’s got off so easy). As a result, I’ve found myself relating to the lyrical angst I missed out on the first time around by a surprising measure. My faves of late…Smashing Pumpkins circa Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (you’re right Billy, the world IS a vampire), and Bad Religion circa…any album really, they’re all good.

So, yeah, I’m on a 90’s rock band tee thing, but paired with sleek skinnies, suede ankle booties, and a wool blazer to keep the look polished.

DETAILS: Bad Religion tee (get that vintage look or raid your local Hot Topic!) // J.Crew blazer (similarsimilarsimilar) // Rag & Bone jeans // Rag & Bone booties (in black) // Vintage necklace (similar & similar) // Dsquared belt (similar & similar) // Nicole Vienna watch (g) (similar) // Vintage bracelet

(g) denotes “gifted”


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