Summertime Blues



Long time, no post! Don’t worry, I’m fine, and thank you to everyone who has asked and reached out lately. The reason for my absence? Burnout, mostly. This blog is something I’ve been doing for the last 9 years, straight! Blogging is weird in that you never really take a vacation from it. Sure, you take vacations in the sense that you travel places, but you’re always traveling with a camera, framing Instagram shots, and writing posts from hotel rooms. After 9 years of thinking about blogging/social media every single day in some capacity, I just needed a break. Not to mention, I really hate getting dressed for summer (it’s so boring!) so I tend to feel really uninspired and as if I can’t contribute anything on the fashion front around that time of year anyway.

Biggest learning experience from this little photo shoot…I realized I’m in more desperate need of a haircut than I realized. I’ll spare you my neglected roots. ;)

Anyway, popping in today mostly to say, yes, I’m alive, and also because I kept meaning to share this handbag I picked up as a treat to myself for my birthday. I’m really enjoying it, it’s finally available at a discount, and so I want to get it up on the blog.

Studs can be tricky and go tacky quick, but this little handbag nails it perfectly. I love it as a statement clutch (perfect to carry with a simple and casual look), but it comes with a polished silver chain strap to wear crossbody. The studs are slightly sharp cones in a polished silver metal that’s a little edgy, a little rock n’ roll, but not over the top. The size is perfect, leather is sturdy, and it’s lined in a soft suede that feels luxe to reach into. The studs only line the front flap, so there’s no worry of snagging or rubbing your clothes. Probably most surprising to me was the designer…Michael Kors! Not a designer brand I’ve ever been interested in (feels too stuffy for my taste), I’m shocked by the youth and edge of this piece. In fact, the first thing I blurt out when anyone comments on it is, “It’s Michael Kors! Can you believe it?!”

Anyway…Shopbop carries it and is having a promotion through tomorrow that will score you 25% off, bringing this bag down to $518. The Shopbop promotion more specifically is as follows:

20% off orders under $500; 25% off orders of $500+ with code EOTS17.

Ends Friday, Sept. 29th, 11:59pm PT.

Shop Shopbop

So, check your “hearts” list for good deals if you keep one like I do. For instance, I’m hoping this Ganni jacket gets restocked because the cropped fit looks really promising. Also, here are the boots I’m wearing in these photos.

— Details —

Shirt Everlane Slim Silk
Jeans AG Stilt Crop (also here in same wash & here in non-destroyed wash)
Handbag Michael Kors Collection
Shoes Rag & Bone (also here)
Watch thanks to Nicole Vienna
Belt Linea Pelle (restocked)
Jewelry Vria & OroCatbird, and vintage

— Altered —

Linea Pelle belt has holes added (I used a leather hole punch)

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  1. says: Leslie

    Glad to see you are back! I must have been reading your blog for a long time to find myself concerned if you were alright as well. You absolutely deserve a break! Your tips for other petite ladies are much appreciated. Cheers from Canada!

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