Easy Update To A Work Wardrobe

I’m looking to add an update to my blazer and button-down heavy work wardrobe that’s still office appropriate, and not too flashy or fashiony, but just a little different. Any ideas?

I’ve taken on a few styling clients, and this question comes from my current client pool. Thought you might enjoy it! For styling info, shoot me an email at kelly(at)alterationsneeded.com

A. I’ve been really loving the vintage style button blouses out right now, and think they’d be a great “something different” while still maintaining a conservative office look. My favorites come in silk, and they are available in styles including a full blouse or camisole version depending on your wardrobe needs. I also like these because the many buttons make it easier to find that perfect open neckline on a full blouse if you’re shorter or taller than average.

1. Frame (also here) (in velvet) 2. Aritzia 3. Club Monaco

Another similar blouse option here & here.

And look how great it looks on Lucy Liu in an episode of Elementary (S5 Ep10 Pick Your Poison).


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