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So…I realized I’ve worn these jeans three times in a row on the blog now, and that’s no coincidence. The denim is a little lighter than most of my other jeans, so they are just way more comfortable to wear in summer. If I wear them on a cold winter day (“cold” being relative, since, you know, California), I usually end up changing pretty quick because they just don’t keep me warm the way my other denim does. In a weird way, an item that isn’t necessarily seasonal (jeans) has become a seasonal item due to the fabric/weight/etc.

One other item of mine that shouldn’t really be seasonal, but is, is this button up shirt from Frank & Eileen. I wear dress shirts all year long, but for some reason, the fabric and weight of this particular one is perfectly cool for summer, but gives me the chills if I wear it in the fall/winter.

These items have accidentally found their way in a seasonal niche, getting worn to death for a season, and then put away until next year.

— Details —

Blazer Banana Republic
Tee thanks to Everlane (old, but this one is similar)
Jeans Rag & Bone (old)
Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti (similar)
Handbag Givenchy (more colors & studded) (similar)
Watch Larsson & Jennings (similar)
Belt Linea Pelle
Bracelet Frye
Jewelry vintage & Downtown LA

— Altered —

Jeans have had the hem cut off

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