Tuxedo Vest – Part 2



As mentioned in my previous post, this tuxedo vest was bought in a panic for an impending bachelorette Vegas clubbing weekend. Having not set foot in a club in close to ten years (but damn do I love a good bar/lounge), I had nothing in my closet that even came close to proper club attire. There is just a certain level of skin and sleaze that weeded itself out of my closet a long, long time ago. So, never one to disappoint the bachelorette, I used short stature to my advantage and did some shopping. I found a long tuxedo vest that just barely covered my ass, had it slimmed for some shape, slapped a pair of short shorts underneath for modesty sake, and clubbed my face off.

Also, on my list of clubbing must haves: a small cross-body clutch so both hands are free to double-fist as needed (and it will be needed), and sturdy, non-expensive shoes that you won’t cry over when you get back to the hotel to find them soaked in some drunkard’s spilled vodka cranberry.

— Details —

Vest Rachel Zoe (similar & similar)
Shorts Halogen (you can’t see them) (similar)
Shoes Banana Republic (old) (similar) (also like these)
Handbag thanks to Ann Taylor (old) (similar)
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington (also here)
Bracelet Frye
Jewelry Catbird

— Altered —

Vest has been slimmed


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