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As a denim lover, I have my tried and true go-to brands, and a long list of brands, cuts and washes I’m curious to try. For multitudes of reasons…time, difficulty finding my size in stock, shipping costs, etc….I’ll never get around to trying them all, and will surely miss out on some really great fits. If only someone could tell me what brands, styles and washes are my denim spirit animals.

So when Fitcode reached out and asked if I wanted to take their fit quiz (a series of five easy questions) and pick a jean populated from my specialized fit results to see if their algorithm could truly find the perfect fit, I was curious but skeptical. With so many different body types, sizes, brands, fits, fabrics, etc,. finding jeans that fit well are a struggle for every woman, especially if they happen to be a fit outlier on either side of the spectrum. It seemed almost too simple.

The Quiz






So I took the quiz and poked around my results. The results page is nicely displayed and easily filtered by a variety of factors. The product pages are even better, with an especially clever video at the top of the page, where a fit model matching your Fitcode models the jeans.



While my results gave back some brands I knew from experience don’t work well for me (mostly just due to my height), it also brought back some brands I have not yet been able to, or have been curious to try. One of these being Frame Denim. After using the filters to weed out some stuff, I discovered this pair of grey destroyed denim with those magic words, “runs small” on the page, which is usually an indication to me it will fit just right.


So I gave these jeans a shot, and sure enough, when I ignored the suggestion to size up, they actually fit really well.

In the end, even for a size outlier like myself, the Fitcode algorithm worked pretty well. What Fitcode didn’t take into account is my minuscule height, and that I generally need fits and brands that run smaller, which would have vastly improved my results. It’s difficult to relate that in a fit quiz, so I suggested Fitcode add two more questions:

1) If you don’t take your usual size, do you generally end up needing to size up or size down?

2) What denim brand tends to fit you well?

I thought these two questions could help single out if a person needs denim that runs small or large, and would make it easier to identify brands that fit similarly to beloved brands.

I’m so curious to hear if others take the Fitcode fit quiz and find the suggested styles accurate. Let me know your results if you take the quiz in the comments! Would you add any other questions to the quiz to make it more accurate?

Thank you to Fitcode for proposing this fit challenge and suppling the denim!

— Details —

Tee J.Crew (on sale + extra 50% off with code SHOPFAST)
Scarf Chan Luu
Jeans thanks to Fitcode
Shoes Givenchy
Handbag Chanel (similar & similar)
Watch thanks to Nicole Vienna
Bracelet Frye
Belt Linea Pelle
Sunglasses Kate Spade (also here)
Jewelry Downtown LA, vintage, Catbird, and Vrai & Oro

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Jillian

    Great post! I’m so excited to try this. I’ve had some good luck finding jeans via Stitch Fix and TopShop, but I’ve found it impossible at local shops or on my own.

  2. says: Elaine

    This really doesn’t even address my basic problem. I have saddlebags on the back sides of my thighs. I probably should have had liposuction 30 years ago, but I didn’t; and I’m not going to now. I don’t just need room in the thighs, I really need a relaxed fit at the top of the thighs without winding up with a sloppy fit everywhere else. If anyone is reading this who has the same problem, I suggest Lucky Brand’s Sweet fit or sizing up at the Gap and taking in the waist. If anyone else has had luck with something different, I would love to hear about it.

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