Stripes & Lace (& The Shifting Tide of Fashion Inspiration)





There’s a woman in France who takes daily outfit photos in her bedroom. I follow her on Instagram, and one day she posted a cool mix of stripes and lace which I double-tapped immediately and tucked away in my memory banks. Some time later, I wanted to wear this lace bomber again and was immediately reminded of that French woman’s image. I put this stripe tank underneath the lace bomber, and an outfit was born.

This got me thinking…I subscribed to Vogue magazine starting around 2006, devoured every issue from cover to cover, felt inspired by the images, and collected each beautiful issue on a bookshelf. But the last time I felt inspired enough by an image in a magazine to incorporate an element into my wardrobe or personal style has been too many years to count. Instead, I now find my inspiration in blogs and Instagram accounts. I heart on Bloglovin’ or double-tap on Instagram, and those creative images give me ideas for what to do with the pieces in my own wardrobe. How amazing is it that a young woman taking snaps in her bedroom around the world whose name I don’t even know has more sway over my feelings about trends and style than traditional publications? This year, I finally canceled my subscription to Vogue.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Is it still from traditional fashion magazines? Has it shifted to social media? Or is it a mix of both?

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Jacket Zara
Tank Madewell (on sale)
Jeans Zara (on sale)
Shoes Givenchy (on sale)
Handbag Proenza Schouler (on sale)
Bracelet Frye
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses Kate Spade (also here)
Belt Linea Pelle
Bralette Topshop (similar)

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  1. says: Anu Salow

    Well, I still read fashion magazines but when I found that there are blogs like yours – that changed my view. Magazines could not give me that help what your blog can give, because I’m petite. And you advised there are many more blogs like this :), thank you, Kelly :)It goes like you said: you see a syle that inspires you and want to try it or customize it.

  2. says: Marie

    I haven’t bought any fashion magazines for a few years as I now read fashion blogs instead especially as they are easier to relate to. Also it means less clutter in the home!

    1. So true, Marie. Magazines stack up around the house so fast! And I agree about blogs beings more relatable. I’ve found so many more treasures through blog recommendations than I ever did through magazines, both because the items are more within my price range, and the bloggers I follow also tend to be petite. =)

  3. says: Robin

    it’s been hard to find inspiration lately. I grew up with Vogue, Mademoiselle, and Glamour. I’m 58 and the magazines aren’t doing it anymore. I do enjoy looking at magazines but get more ideas from blogs .

  4. says: Deb

    I’m a digital person nowadays though I bought too many magazines in former years. My magazine reading is limited to time at the hairdressers or my dentists waiting room now. At least, they both always have the latest Vogue and Marie Claire. Love your interesting mix of lace and stripes here. The lace is a pretty choice and a nice variation from your usual more tailored jackets. Have just had a look at the Instagram of the girl in France and she has my sort of style! Thanks Kelly.

  5. says: Ann

    I used to hoard my magazines (over 100) and moved them from the Bay to SoCal and decided to not only cancel subscriptions, but toss 90% before moving back to the Bay. I used to love going page by page looking for inspiration, but maybe now that I’m nearing 40 and with social media it just doesn’t bring the same feelings as it used to. I’m more inspired with bloggers such as yourself and the moms out there snapping their pics and posting on Instagram.

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