Concrete Jungle (& Buying Trends After the Trend)




M2M (Made To Measure) is a new TV network for fashion aficionados available on Apple TV, a handful of streaming devices, or you can watch some content online. One rainy weekend, I binge watched the original series, Tea at the Beatrice with Glenn O’Brien. In one episode (I think it’s the one with Leandra Medine), the guest expressed the sentiment it was more fun and interesting to buy fashion items after their trend was over, with Yoox being exalted as the holy grail of discount off-season goods.

These shoes remind me of that episode, and not just because I scored them at a spectacular deal from Yoox, but also because the camo trend came, went, and yet for some reason I had these pumps saved in my cart for weeks before the deal of the century came through, convincing me to finally pull the trigger.

It got me thinking…it’s actually pretty great buying trends after their trendiness. It weeds out all the crap you’re tempted to buy simply because it’s trending all over your Instagram feed (guilty). And because it’s no longer trending all over your Instagram feed, that must mean you actually just plain like it, right?

As for this bustier, my tailor gave it a few nips and tucks. I haven’t found a good photo spot for taking before and after alterations pics, so there’s no before images, but the alterations are pretty straight forward. First, I had it slimmed for a snugger fit, which is pretty easy to imagine. Second, I had my tailor remove one of the design elements I found awkward and unflattering. If you take a look at the bustier on the product page, you’ll notice two extra flaps of fabric at the bottom of the garment. On a taller or long torso’d person, they would probably look just fine, but on me, they were just awkward. Luckily they were easy to remove and now I’m much happier with it.

— Details —

Jacket Banana Republic (on sale + extra 50% off!)
Bustier Laveer (in navy & black)
Jeans Zara (old)
Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti
Handbag thanks to Linea Pelle (similar)
Bracelet Vintage
Watch thanks to Nicole Vienna
Sunglasses Kate Spade (also here)
Belt Linea Pelle

— Altered —

Bustier has been slimmed & had details removed
Shoes have 1/2 insoles added

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  1. says: Rain

    Kelly, I love your style! The bustier with the distressed jeans and camo pumps is perfect but in my opinion the ivory blazer makes it all look too much. Try paring it with a close fitted structured cardigan in a different colour, or just skip the cover up and use a scarf instead, definitely something without a lapel.

  2. says: Christie

    I love this look and I think the blazer looks great. I agree on doing a trend after the fact. If you love it then rock it no matter what!

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