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One benefit of a denim heavy wardrobe is it serves as a pretty clean slate for everything else. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down, go a little crazy everywhere else, whatever you feel. As my personal style begins to lean more minimalistic and neutral, the area I’ve been most interested in having a little more fun has been footwear. I’ve had a craving for shoes a little bad ass, a little kooky, and a little creative. Especially as summer rolls around, I envision myself wearing nothing but great denim, white collared shirts, drapey t-shirts, and really great shoes.

These studded sandals are the first acquisition of my “I need cooler shoes” period, and I’m pretty obsessed. I’d file these under the “bad ass” category, and they’ll be the perfect edgy punctuation mark to minimalist outfits. Bonus points: the heel clocks in under 4 inches and within my ideal heel height (an increasingly hard phenomenon to come by in a fashion industry obsessed with 4 inches and up!).

— Details —

Shirt Isabel Marant
Tank Anine Bing (similar) (similar)
Jeans thanks to Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti (higher heel height) (similar)
Handbag thanks to Linea Pelle
Watch Larsson & Jennings (similar)
Bracelet Frye
Sunglasses Kate Spade (also here)
Jewelry Downtown LA, vintage, Catbird, and Vrai & Oro

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Caroline

    I have a question about your denim-heavy wardrobe: are these outfits you wear to work? Ripped jeans with a blazer is my go-to weekend look, but the outfit becomes frumpy when I switch out the jeans for office-friendly pants or a skirt during the week.

    1. Hi Caroline! I’ve been very fortunate that all my work places have been very, very casual (I used to work with a woman who wore sweat pants to work everyday…I was always considered one of the “dressed up” ones!), so I’m not the most experienced on this subject. However, when I do need to wear actual pants or skirts, my go-to top has always been a tucked button-up collared shirt with my usual cuffed sleeves and unbuttoned neckline. I also wore dress pants with a collared shirt and vest the other day for a baby shower and it worked pretty well. I think the key for me has been to keep at least 1/2 the outfit fitted. If my blazer or shirt is a little slouchy, my pants need to be fitted. If my pants are a little slouchy, then I need to wear one of my more fitted shirt/blazer combos. I also used to really like fitted v-neck cropped sweaters like these ( & with just the middle two buttons buttoned to create a visual “x” at the waist that mimicked an hourglass shape. I hope that helps!

      1. says: Caroline

        Thanks for the thoughtful response! Yeah, my go-to work outfit would be like one of your dressier outfits, but switching out the jeans for slim ankle pants or sometimes a pencil skirt. It’s a good look when I manage to get the proportions right!

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