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A few stressful weeks and rent-a-truck later, it feels good to be back in LA! It also feels good to have located and unpacked most of my clothes, although I’m sure I’ll unearth a few stragglers here and there. It also made me realize just how much crap we’ve accumulated over the years! I mean, we’re two people and a dog…why do we have all this stuff? Even the dog had his own giant box full of junk. I really need to unload some clothing items I don’t wear anymore but am not quite sure where to do it. Where’s your favorite places to sell secondhand clothes and accessories?

Also, watch company Daniel Wellington is offering 15% off with code ‘alteratnsneededand’. The watch I’m wearing is from their new smaller sized Dapper series, which at 34mm, is great for small wrists!

— Details —

Jacket All Saints
Crop top Banana Republic (similar)
Shirt Banana Republic (similar)
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes Aquazzura
Handbag thanks to Linea Pelle
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington (also here)
Bracelet vintage
Sunglasses Kate Spade (also here)

— Altered —

Shirt has been slimmed

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  1. says: Engineer L

    Moving is hard work, but it’s nice to downsize your stuff. I usually sell my nicer second-hand clothes on eBay and send my less nice stuff to Thredup. Some people swear by Poshmark, but I’ve never sold anything on it, only bought.

  2. says: Rasa

    Hey Kelly,

    I’ve been a long time reader of yours. You can sell your second hand items on Poshmark and on!

    have a nice week!


  3. says: Ying

    For Designer items, I love using The Real Real. The service is super easy to use.

    Ebay for others, but I’ve also heard good things about Thred Up and Poshmark.

  4. says: John

    Hauling around a ton of clothes is always, always my least favorite part of moving. I try my best to actively thin out my wardrobe anytime a move is approaching, so it’s getting better, but the struggle remains. Thanks for sharing, I really like the way that watch looks with the leather jacket.

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