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Summer is around the corner, hot weather is already making an appearance, and like clockwork, my jewelry metal preference is beginning to switch. Like switching from pinot noir to chardonnay, or from porters to pale ales, as the weather warms up, our cravings turn toward the cooler and lighter. For me, this includes a switch from gold to silver jewelry. That icy-hued metallic just looks and feels cooler to me, and after months of wearing warm golds, silver begins to feel fresh and novel.

Now that I’ve found my silver watch (I was hemming and hawing over picking up this one…but mesh straps aren’t my favorite…happily, I found Nicole Vienna before I pulled the trigger.), I can finally start to pair it with the other recent silver addition to my “wear everyday jewelry” collection…a chunky chain link bracelet. Found on Etsy and marketed as “vintage” (but probably not vintage), this bracelet began as a revolt against this.

Thanks to buying a few vintage pieces and growing up with a jewelry obsessed mother, I know a little bit about the value of fine and costume jewelry. When I saw this bracelet, I loved the look, but was appalled by the price for that cheap, plated metal! Designers have such nerve charging so much for costume! I immediately jumped on Etsy convinced  I could find the real deal in sterling silver for way less…and guess what…I did! That same night!

Vintage, people. Seriously. Look into it. It’s easy. Here’s one. Here’s another.

I still need to get some links removed, which I’ll do when I go visit my mom’s favorite jewelry repair guy in Downtown LA.

And, if you actually read this stuff and have made it this far, here’s some exclusive news I’m posting here first…I’m moving back to LA! I’m living in a sea of moving boxes and stress at the moment, so bear with me, but I’m looking forward to returning to the homeLAnd. =D

— Details —

Jacket J.Crew (old) (this season’s version)
Shirt Frame Denim (similar in cotton) (some sizes left here)
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes Gianvito Rossi (I’d highly recommend these)
Handbag Chanel (similar)
Watch thanks to Nicole Vienna
Belt Linea Pelle
Jewelry Vintage

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Ashley

    Yay for LA!! I just moved here post Peace Corps and am having a ton of fun revamping my style and finding all the good eats! Any advice is appreciated…. So please do some LA posts!!

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