Petite Fashion Blogger Favorite Looks – March Edition

petite fashion bloggers

You guys liked this feature last month, so here’s another one for you. Presenting for your viewing pleasure, my favorite looks from petite fashion bloggers for the month of March. Enjoy! ;)

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Walk in Wonderland


I love a good spin on shirting, so naturally I’m in love with Sheryl’s oversized and reinterpreted classic white shirt. I also love how she kept everything else super simple and muted.

Sheryl’s post can be found here: Night Rider

Citizen’s Runway


Oversized boyfriend jeans, bold stripes, and a belted blazer? Yes, please! Nina pulls off oversized styles the way I wish I could.

Nina’s post can be found here: Stripes and Stuff

Always Judging


I love how Courtney’s tan coat pops against her black outfit, as well as the texture added by the scarf and frayed denim. She looks so chic!

Courtney’s post can be found here: Don’t be Afraid

Sunkissed Steph


I love the drapey double-breasted blazer paired with lace. Even though the look is monochromatic, it’s full of interest.

Stephanie’s post can be found here: Weekday Grind

Crystalin Marie


Crystalin recently moved to Portland and her cozy layers have been on point. I would totally wear this!

Crystalin’s post can be found here: Sleeveless Trench Coat

Hallie Daily


Yet another look I would totally wear. Hallie looks casual but chic, boyish but feminine. I may need to track down those loafers.

Hallie’s post can be found here: Classic Navy Stripe

Her Waise Choice


I love how simple and chic Jen looks here.

Jen’s post can be found here: Saddle

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  1. says: Deb

    Great petites looks here Kelly….Sheryl’s look in pic #1 is extra special to my eye. Both the shirt and bag are divine.

  2. says: Bren

    Ive always read petite women should wear shoes that have ankle straps or trousers that cut midcalf. But still i see it EVERYWHERE…. so should we or shouldnt we?? Its soooo confusing

    1. Hi Bren! I’ve heard those “rules” before too and my stance is this: fashion rules are meant as very broad guidelines. They are mostly saying, “be careful if you’re short, because these things MAY cause you to look a certain way”, but it’s not set in stone or can be invalid for a number of reasons. Your body type might look amazing in midcalf trousers, no matter your height. Or maybe your love of a retro style and resulting confidence levels makes those ankle straps look amazing on you. Most of the time, I’ve found I can wear any style, even “unflattering” ones, if I find the right tweak that helps balance them out. For example, baggy boyfriend jeans aren’t the best thing for my height, but if I cuff them high and wear them with a low-profile heel, they look pretty cool. I wrote a post sharing more thoughts on this here:

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