Nicole Vienna – Petite-Friendly Watch

I love watches with modern, clean design and a masculine feel. But they also need to be petite-friendly, so for me, that means watch faces measuring between 33mm – 38mm in diameter…not at all dainty, but still sized small enough to not completely overwhelm small wrists.

Knowing that criteria, let me introduce you to Nicole Vienna, a Swiss watch company with a clean and beautiful marble-look watch face, petite-friendly 34mm diameter, three metal colors and two strap styles. With a silver-tone watch high on my radar, I was instantly drawn to the Soir N°47 Link…I mean…just look at how it pops against the black marble watch face!

Nicole Vienna Watch

Nicole Vienna was kind enough to send me the watch of my choice to get a closer look and try on for size. The watch has a nice slim profile and feels fairly light on the wrist. I like my jewelry and watches to have a little heft and substance to them (it makes them feel sturdy and well made in my opinion), so I like that it’s not feather light, nor very heavy. I can feel it’s there on my wrist, and the weight feels nice. The size is chunky on my wrist, but not as chunky as some of the other watches I own. Size-wise, it’s pretty perfect and just what I tend to hope for in a watch.

The main selling point about this watch is, of course, that marble-look face. It’s been done in a very tasteful and minimalist way, and just looks beautiful set against any of the available metals and straps. The price point is also very nice on this watch ($149), considering the other silver-tone watch I was looking at before this was going to run me more than twice the price! Also a major plus…Nicole Vienna ships for free, worldwide.

Because my wrist is pretty thin, I had a watch repair shop remove 6 links from this strap, but if you like the look, or even prefer a mesh strap, they claim to be fully adjustable (ie…no need to have anyone shorten it for you).

If you’re a marble lover, or just looking for a simple but unique piece to add to your wrist, I’d definitely recommend!

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