Petite Fashion Blogger Favorite Looks: February Edition

Petite fashion blogger favorite looks - February 2016

Something a little different for you today. Aside from being a blogger myself, I also enjoy reading other’s fashion blogs, especially those of women who I can visually relate to. For that reason, I follow quite a few blogs of other petites. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite petite fashion blogger outfits from the past month, and I hope you find a few new favorites here as well. Let me know if you like this feature and would like to see more. ;)

Want more petite bloggers? Here’s a list of petite fashion blogs!

Crystalin Marie


A monochromatic mix of neutrals, layered creatively & topped off with a menswear blazer and fedora? What’s not to love?

Crystalin’s post can be found here: Layers

Wendy’s Lookbook


As a sucker for dramatic outerwear and anything tuxedo-esque, this look from Wendy just makes me happy.

Wendy’s post can be found here: Friday :: Linen trench & Tuxedo blouse


Hello, Framboise


Tam helped inspire me to pick up my first turtleneck since…oh, I don’t know…middle school? Crazy, right? Love her cute casual look here.

Tam’s post can be found here: Denim on Denim


Citizen’s Runway


This post is technically from December 2015, but I really, really love this edgy oversized look from Nina! I even ordered these jeans after seeing this post…spoiler alert…they look way better on Nina.

Nina’s post can be found here: Fave Jacket + Jeans of 2015

Sunkissed Steph


Even though it’s a minimalist look, I love how it has structure, edge, and simplicity all at once.

Stephanie’s post can be found here: Transitional Layers


Walk in Wonderland


Yet another dramatic trench look, this time with boyfriend jeans set against a palette of bright white. So simple, but so chic!

Sheryl’s post can be found here: Back to Boyfriend Jeans

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  1. says: Rachel

    I loved this post! I’m always excited to hear about other petite friendly bloggers! I also like how you guys have such a strong community among you, where you aren’t afraid to link to one another and give a shout out to other bloggers. Fashion is more fun when it’s shared, after all!

  2. says: Christie

    Fantastic post. I follow a few of these bloggers already and am pleased to find some that are new to me. Thanks!

  3. says: Olyvia

    Love this post! I did not know some of those bloggers are only 5’1 or under! Shows great lengthening styles or proportions :) I really miss the old days when we had the “petite fashion challenge” from your forum thing, which was actually a good way to find out about other bloggers out there who might share same size and style preferences to bounce inspiration off of. Seems like there was a boom in petite fashion blogs during that time, haha! then many dissipated (including myself). Glad some of the BEST are still blogging :)

    1. Thanks Olyvia! And nice to see you pop in again! Yeah, those old petite fashion challenge days were fun. Luckily, there are so many more options for petites these days, so that community isn’t as sorely needed as it was back then. Hope you’re well & have a great weekend! =)

  4. says: Anu Salow

    Hello, Kelly :) Wonderful post about petite bloggers. I got immediately new ideas how to combine my clothes. And it’s so good to know we petite women are not hiding our capacity. Have a nice week, Kelly and other sweet bloggers. Having a skiing holiday here, best regards and hugs from Finland — Anu.

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