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Welcome to my graphic tee renaissance. I feel as if I’ve gone backwards in style time, after years of collared shirts on repeat, I’m reaching for the youthful ease of relaxed cotton and ironic screen prints that recount all the cool things I have not done. Woe is the thirty-something who now laments all the concert tees gone un-purchased in her indie band-hungry twenties! Hindsight’s a bitch.

But then I think there’s some real opportunity here. After all, today’s graphic tees are tomorrow’s vintage. So what will your vintage tee collection look like if you started now? Hey Silicon Valley, what friend’s failed startup tee will you be rocking 20 years from now? Who’s the next Bowie/Ramones/N.W.A. so we can all go now, and in 20 years sip champagne at the country club looking like a badass? “Yeah, I was there. And yeah, it was crazy.”

Also, is it cheating to buy a concert tee on eBay? What if you were totally there, but just didn’t buy the tee at the time? These are hard hitting questions, people!

— Details —

Blazer J.Crew (similar & similar)
Tee Madewell (super similar & cute!)
Jeans Rag & Bone (add $35 to your cart for 15% off w/code BIGEVENT16) (also here)
Shoes Rag & Bone (at least 15% off w/code BIGEVENT16) (also here & here)
Handbag Proenza Schouler (classic version)
Sunglasses Illesteva (add $73 to your cart for 15% off w/code BIGEVENT16) (also here & here)
Watch Larsson & Jennings (similar)
Belt Linea Pelle
Bracelet Frye
Jewelry Downtown LA, vintage, Catbird, and Vrai & Oro

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Karen

    Not cheating at all. If you’ve been to the concert and just didn’t get a tee shirt, you’re entitled to buy one online. I do have criteria for wearing a band tee shirt though. 1) You must have at least one album, and know the songs. 2) You must be able to name the band members. Lol.

    As for your first question, I can’t answer it. I was around when the groups you mentioned were all the rage!! I man be old, but man, the music I grew up with was the best! Lol, my daughter hates when I say that!

    1. Thanks Karen! And yes, I’d agree with you on that one! Your music era was amazing! You saw entirely new genres of music being created (punk, rap, grunge…so good!). There hasn’t been a huge music movement in a long time…maybe electronic music…but that’s about it. =(

    1. Hi PSV! Yeah, I know what you mean about the size! That’s why I never bought concert tees at the shows I went to in the first place! Part of the lure of band tees is their worn-in, slouchy oversizedness, so I’m thinking men’s size small might work nicely with a few tweaks from my tailor (slimmed a little and shortened). We’ll see if my theory works as well in practice! =)

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