Wrap Belt Restocked & A New Petite-Friendly Denim Fit

Madewell vest, Rag & Bone Ultra Capris, Sophie Hulme Mini Tote, Ada wrap belt

Madewell vest, Ada wrap belt, Rag & Bone ultra capri jeans, Via Spiga Amica loafers, Sophie Hulme tote

Ada wrap belt, Madewell vest, Rag & Bone ultra capri jeans, Via Spiga Amica loafers, Sophie Hulme tote

Hi everyone! Two things of note today:

  1. This leather wrap belt has been restocked in both colors on Nordstrom, as well as a bunch of other styles from the same brand (I also like this studded one!). I wanted to point this out because the width of this particular belt (1 inch wide) is perfect for smaller figures or shorter torsos. Many leather wrap belts are 3 inches wide, which look great if you’re tall, but for shorties, this 1 incher is much easier to work with. The quality is also great, with the leather feeling thick and rugged, and like it will last a lifetime. Use it to rein in winter coats, as an alternative way to accessorize blazers and vests, or to spice up the dresses you’ll need for all those weddings you’re going to this year.
  2. My favorite denim brand, Rag & Bone, has a new fit they’re calling the Ultra Capri, which as it turns out, is a cropped ankle length for petites. The wash I’m wearing is called “Steele”, and short girls take note at how that knee rip hits right at my natural knee. ;) It also comes in this really dark indigo.

— Details —

Vest Madewell (similar)
Shirt Gap
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes Via Spiga (also here)
Handbag Sophie Hulme (new season here & here)
Watch Larsson & Jennings
Pin Kathleen Whitaker (on sale!)
Bracelet Frye

— Altered —

Vest has been altered

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  1. says: Anett

    OMG, your waistcoat has my name on it! I just stumbled across your blog today from a link on Already Pretty and I love your style. Though we are total opposites height wise (I’m six feet), I totally relate to your masculine and streamline style — though I often need to sneak in some print or lace. It’s so funny that on me, the knee rips always appear on my thigh as opposed to the knee! Keep up the great work!

    Anett | Tall Girl’s Fashion

    1. Hi Anett! Welcome, and thank you for the kind words! Haha! I know exactly what you’re talking about! I think short and tall women feel each other’s pain in a way average-sized women just can’t. I have tall friends I enjoy shopping with because the fitting room moral support is just outstanding. ;)

      I’ll keep your blog on file because I definitely get questions about tall bloggers!

  2. says: Trina

    Great look, I love that vest/belt combo. Also big congrats on finding jeans where the rip hits at your knee – so funny that average height women can’t relate to this problem at all! I’ve just tried 5 pairs of jeans where the rips have all been too low. I tried to bypass the problem by choosing a pair of rips all over but I have already have so many of those sooo it’s back to the search. What a victorious blogpost it will be when I find this unicorn. In the meantime I’m going to give your R&Bs a shot! xo

  3. says: Anna

    Hi! I’ve been a long time lurker and came to your blog recently to see what kinds of belts you wear for some styling inspiration. I’ve fallen in love with this belt and was wondering if it’s possible to tie the loose ends into a bow? I don’t want the ends to dangle too far down.

    1. Hi Anna! It can certainly be tied into a bow. The ends aren’t flat…they’re a little rounded and puffy, so any knots you make tend to loosen up as the day goes on. But aside from that, you’re only limited by your imagination as to how to tie it. =)

      1. says: Anna

        Thanks for the reply! Is it something you’re constantly retying/tightening every ten minutes or is it less troublesome? Been looking for a good waist belt to wear with dresses, but a tiny waist means that regular buckle belts are often too large.

        btw you’re honestly style goals haha

        1. Hi Anna! Apologies for the late reply! It’s not as terrible as I may have made it sound. I tend to like that loose, casual vibe, so my knots are not very tight or complicated, so they tend to come undone. I think a good double knot would keep it in place just fine. And thank you for the compliment! =)

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