The Siren Song Of A Full Button Placket




Curly hair + windy day = batten down the hatches!

Few things disappoint me as much as a good shirt ruined with a half-placket. I still remember the year 2012 as the rise of the popover at J.Crew…that shoulder dislocating, hair messing, makeup smearing abomination. It’s popularity only encouraged other brands to follow suit and fill their stores with the terrible little things.

Disrobing difficulties aside, this is a prime example why full-button plackets are the only way to go. Fully un-buttoned, they ascend beyond their initial purpose to become a whole other category of clothing. A delightfully light third layer that bellows out behind you as you strut about your day.

— Details —

Blouse Marissa Webb (in all white) (similar here & here)
Shirt Gap
Jeans Zara
Shoes Gianvito Rossi (I’d highly recommend these)
Handbag Sophie Hulme (new season here & here)
Watch Larsson & Jennings
Belt Linea Pelle
Pin Kathleen Whitaker (on sale!)
Jewelry Vintage, downtown LA, Catbird & Vrai & Oro

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: 2ndOpinion

    I beg to differ with the dismissal of popover partial plackets. As a curvy petite, the partial placket tucks in better than the top-to-bottom placket, and raglan sleeves (more common in popovers than in standard-issue tops) accommodate fullness. Love your blog nonetheless!

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