Travel Outfit Essentials

travel outfit essentials

comfortable, stylish and fashionable travel outfit idea

As many of us prep to travel for the holidays, I wanted to share my travel outfit essentials. Traveling for me looks a lot like this:

  1. A blazer – wearing a blazer on the plane solves a lot of problems for me. First, it lets me bring a versatile clothing layer to my destination without it taking up valuable real estate in my luggage. It also gives me more pockets in which to stuff essentials like snacks, ear buds, tissues (airplanes do a real number on my sinuses) and small electronics. It can also be easily slipped off for comfort reasons, and thrown over yourself like a blanket if you get cold. I’m a fan of J.Crew blazers because they come in petite and often have hidden inside pockets…great for storing your cell phone, photo id, or jewelry/watches you need to take off as you go through security.
  2. Slip-on shoes – makes going through security way faster, and are easy to slip off during the flight when I want to switch into socks (my feet get cold easily, so I always bring a pair of socks with me in my carry-on).
  3. Roomy carry-on tote – If I’m checking luggage, I use this tote as my carry-on along with a handbag as my personal item. In the tote I’ll bring any in-flight boredom busters and my valuables. I never put valuables in my checked luggage! I always have my laptop, camera, and any jewelry or designer handbag I may be traveling with in my tote and it’s always under the seat in front of me. If I’m not checking luggage, I’ll slip a handbag inside the tote, and then stuff the handbag and any remaining space in the tote with my essentials and valuables, making it my “personal item”. My tote of choice is this old herringbone tweed from recently shuttered C.Wonder, but if I were to buy a new one, it would no doubt be this one from Everlane. This sweater-print is also really cool.
  4. Comfy pants – Nothing is worse than sitting for a long period of time in a pair of pants that squeeze, dig or suffocate. Normally I travel in a pair of relaxed or stretchy denim, but this year I found these soft, comfy, pocketed and mildly drop-crotchy, elastic-waisted wonders. All hail the dressy jogger pant! However, the best part may be that they match my favorite herringbone travel tote. ;)

For those curious about the pants, they are Zara kids & I picked them up for a few reasons. First and foremost because I was insanely jealous of this 7 year old’s swaggy style. Second, any arrangement of the words tweed, herringbone and pants are my own personal kryptonite. Third, the price was insanely right at $23. PS…Zara Kids is really stylish right now…if you can fit, the prices can’t be beat, and if not, then you can gift and live vicariously through the kids/pre-teens in your life.

Safe travels, everyone!

— Details —

Blazer J.Crew (J.Crew Campbell Blazer fit review)
Shirt Gap (Gap tee fit review)
Pants Zara
Shoes Via Spiga
Tote C. Wonder (old) (my next choice)
Watch Larsson & Jennings (also at Net-a-porter & Nordstrom)

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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