Small Sunglasses for Narrow, Petite Faces

small sunglasses for narrow petite faces

As a petite person with a narrow face, sunglasses are accessories that have always frustrated me. Trying to find the small sunglasses needle in a haystack of oversized frames means my sunnies collection is sparse and unexciting. As a born and raised Southern California girl (we love our sunnies), this is simply unacceptable. So when I stumbled upon a whole page dedicated to small-sized frames on the Nordstrom website, I was awestruck & excited to share!

Small Sunglasses Picks:

My favorites from the curated small sunglasses collection include the Illesteva “Leonard” which clocks in at a mere 47mm, and comes in a variety of colors in both regular lenses, and mirrored lenses. The sunglasses pictured in this post are the “tortoise / blue” mirrored option. More fun options are below:

Under $100:


Under $200:




How To Measure Sunglasses:

The Nordstrom page lists small sunglasses as those with a lens width of 49mm and below, with more in depth measurements on each individual product page. In case you’re curious, here’s what those other measurements mean when shopping for sunglasses:

how to measure sunglasses

To add to the list of small sunglasses, I’ve tried options from Kate Spade (great for more feminine and retro styles), and Oliver Peoples (FYI: many Oliver Peoples styles are made to better fit faces with shallow or lower nose bridges, a common consideration for many customers of Asian decent…my husband who is Thai with a shallow nose bridge loves this brand!) in the past and had good luck. I’d love to hear what other brands have worked for you!

Happy shopping!

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  1. says: Sophia

    Finally, a post dedicated to my current search for petite sunnies- thank you! I’ve been wearing the same oversized pair I picked up at TJ Maxx ages ago, and haven’t been content with many of the options I’ve been trying on at sunglasses stores. Definitely going to order a couple of these to try out!

  2. says: Keilexandra

    Despite being petite, I have a relatively large head and my face looks best with wide (although not too tall) frames. I’ve been trying to find cat-eye sunglasses with nose pads instead of plastic bridges, so they’ll stay up on my Asian face… no success so far, but I’m going to try again at the eye doctor next month, where they advertise Asian-fit (optical) glasses so hopefully also sunglasses.

  3. says: Sumana

    This was a much needed post! Thanks for posting Kelly. Could you do a review of all petite accessories: hats, gloves, sunglasses, jewelry (bracelets) etc. ?

  4. says: Sophia Cho

    Definitely recommend Covry ( if you’re on the hunt for sunnies and you have a lower nose bridge. I just got a pair and the frames don’t touch my cheeks at all. Their selection is very aesthetic as well :)

    Their Kraz style looks especially good on petite faces!

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