Ankle Booties For Petites – Rag & Bone ‘Margot’

ankle booties for petites

rag & bone margot ankle booties

ankle booties for petites rag & bone margot

It took me a really long time to commit to ankle booties, but now that I have, I don’t know how I lasted so long without them. Ankle boots can cut the leg line, and thus, visually shorten your silhouette, so as a very petite person, I’ve been especially picky. In my opinion, ankle booties for petites should have four requirements:

  1. have a comfortable-to-walk-in heel (my ideal heel height is around 3 inches).
  2. have a streamlined and non-clunky profile (chunky or busy styles can visually shorten a leg line).
  3. dip down in front to give presence to petites and a more leg lengthening silhouette.
  4. sized to comfortably fit any small and/or narrow shoe size you may have.

For a long time, I thought the Rag & Bone Harrow bootie was my best bet, since it runs small and narrow (the size 35 fits my size 4.5 – small size 5 foot), has a comfortable 3 inch heel, and front dip. However I wasn’t crazy about the bulk of those straps around the ankle, which I felt made the boot look clunky. This year, Rag & Bone must have read my mind because they released the Margot bootie, which is essentially the Harrow but without the clunky ankle straps. Seeing them on Tam further sealed the deal.

Now my mission is to find the best low-cut, non-slip socks to wear with them. I’ve found these by Falk to work wonderfully (size 1, 37-38 works for my size 4.5-5 feet), but they are so expensive! I have these by Stance (size s/m) coming in the mail to try out as well. Any recommendations from similarly shoe-sized readers would be greatly appreciated!

— Details —

Jacket All Saints (Fit Review)
Sweater Banana Republic (old) (really curious about these)
Jeans Banana Republic
Booties Rag & Bone thanks to Shopbop (also love the grey) (also at Nordstrom)
Bag Sophie Hulme partially thanks to Shopbop (really similar & a deal!)
Belt Linea Pelle
Watch Larsson and Jennings (now also available at Nordstrom!)
Bracelet Frye
Necklaces Vintage & DTLA
Sunglasses Illesteva

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Keilexandra

    I wear a size 5, low-volume feet with narrow heels, and I’ve really struggled to find low-cut socks to wear with front-dip booties (or ideally oxfords, but that requires an even lower cut). I have tried Stance socks and they slipped off my heels, but maybe you’ll have better luck. So far my best-fitting socks are the Keds sneaker socks, after running through the dryer a few times.

    Will add the Falke socks to my wishlist to try, although I’ll probably wait for the next Shopbop sale because they’re pricey.

  2. says: Evelyn

    Oooo, must try those socks myself! I currently use these “anti-slip” stocking like socks with a silicon grip at the heel to prevent slippage. They work well enough but i feel my entire feet slips inside the shoes, so thanks Kelly for the recommendation on the socks!

    1. Hi Evelyn! Yeah, I tried my slingback liners in the booties, but like you said, my feet just slid around the shoe. The Falke ones are expensive, and I haven’t received the Stance ones yet, but the commenter above said she has luck with Keds Sneaker socks (after a few rounds of shrinking in the wash/dryer). I’ll be trying for sure! The socks –>

  3. says: Aubs

    Even on sale, the jacket was a bit out of my price range, but I can just imagine how amazing it is IRL. I will have to admire it on you.
    Also, knowing the jacket is a crop style, it reminds me how petite you are!!! Kisses from SoCal

    1. says: Catherine

      I also bought boy’s size ankle socks at TJ Maxx. Mine were Puma brand. They fit my small size 5 foot perfectly, no slippage and hold up great.

  4. says: Laura

    I really like Smartwool’s hide and seek wool no show socks. They are comfortable and stay put. They bunch in my Cole Haan oxfords, but they work for all of my other boots and sneakers.

  5. says: Jasmin

    The sneaker socks from H&M are very good and not expensive. Nice material and snug and size 36/38 fits my size 4.5/5 feet well. They only come in black, though, but I guess this is what you are looking for anyways.

  6. says: Karen

    Hi Kelly, I’ve tried these socks from Lands’ End:

    Not bad at 3 pair for $14.00. The only thing that may or may not be an issue is that the front, or top of the sock, does not come up as high as the Falk socks. But they do cover toe cleavage.

    I wear a size 6.5 shoe and I find the size SM feels a bit tight on my big toe (which is my longest toe) by the end of the day. So these may be a perfect length for you.

    It’s so hard to find sock liners to fit a small foot. One size fits all most definitely does not so I look forward to your Stance review.

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