Petite Gap Tees – Fit Review Friday

gap tee shirt review

Happy Friday!! For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have a few cozy, slouchy tee options from Gap. As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here.

My “perfect tee” search brought me to Gap today for a few reasons: 1) my long sleeve tee collection is pretty sparse & I’m looking to bulk it up, 2) I’m looking for easy, relaxed fits in soft, cozy fabrics 3) I’m on a crewneck kick at the moment. Gap seemed to have that relaxed fit in the silhouettes I’m looking for, so I ordered a few options to try out. If you’re looking for v-necks or slimmer silhouettes, they have those too!

On to the review…

gap stripe linen tee shirt review

gap stripe linen tee shirt review

Gap Linen Stripe Tee // Size xs

*40% off with code WOW (thru 11/9).

I can’t pass up trying a relaxed stripe tee in linen! Unfortunately, this tee isn’t available in petite, which would have been a better fit on me, but the regular size is an option for those who like long and slouchy. I’m a fan of this thin stripe print and wish it was available in other fabrics because as much as I like linen, I’ve found my Banana Republic linen tees a bit of a pain to wash. If I forget to air dry them, they come out of the dryer shrunken and twisted in all the wrong ways, so I’m still on the fence about keeping any of these Gap linen options.

These long sleeve linen tees are running really small at the neckline, so the regular size is actually easier to slip on and off than the petite version (review below). The linen fabric is rather thin and sheer. Part of me wants to keep this one because I think it’ll be a nice layering piece, and I have problems, but another part of me is thinking I don’t need another stripe shirt, nor another linen shirt. TBD.

The approximate measurements of size xs are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 15.5″
Bust: 18.5″
Waist: 17.5″
Sleeve: 23″
Bicep: 5″
Length: 23″

gap linen tee shirt review

gap linen tee review

Gap Linen Solid Tee // Size xs petite

*40% off with code WOW (thru 11/9).

To compare to the regular size linen long sleeve tee, here is the petite. Noticeably shorter in length and narrower all around, this is very obviously a better fit for me. Again, the fabric is thin and sheer, even in this dark color, and the neckline is rather small. Pulling this over my head is a guaranteed frizz producer…not ideal for curly hair in dry, static prone weather.

I’m not wowed, and this tee is going back.

The approximate measurements of size xs petite are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 17″
Waist: 16″
Sleeve: 22″
Bicep: 5″
Length: 22″

gap linen tee shirt review

gap linen tee shirt review

Gap Linen Tee // Size xs petite

*40% off with code WOW (thru 11/9).

The short sleeve version of the linen tees, this one is very relaxed and very sheer. I was a bit surprised by just how sheer it was, and worn alone like this, I’d be much too concerned that everyone could see my bra to really feel relaxed. I did like the high-lo design of the hem and lower crew neckline, but the sheerness is very uninviting, especially as the temps continue to drop. I can just feel that biting wind blowing right through this thing…brrr…

The approximate measurements of size xs petite are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 17.5″
Waist: 16.5″
Sleeve: 4″
Bicep: 6″
Length: front: 20″  back: 24″

gap cotton modal tee shirt review

gap tee shirt review

Gap Vintage Relaxed Tee // Size xs petite

*40% off with code WOW (thru 11/9).

Ok…here we go. A nice relaxed tee with a low, but not too low crew neckline, in a soft and cozy cotton/modal blend. No sheerness here either. Ever since my American Apparel cotton blend tees pilled almost immediately, it has been a concern of mine with such blends. I popped this in the wash to test for pilling, and am happy to see it came out looking nice and pill-free, which is hopefully an indication that it will hold up for a while.

There is a slight slub texture to the fabric, which is nice because I find flat colored/textured tees to be so boring. It’s very soft and a delight to wear in crisp weather. I foresee myself picking up more colors, and I already have a few long sleeved versions coming in the mail.

The approximate measurements of size xs petite (after washing) are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 16″
Waist: 15.5″
Sleeve: 6″
Bicep: 5″
Length: 22″


  • Hey Kelly!
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for years- I’m not petite but I do like dapper, well-fitted clothes!
    From a fellow curly person- a great way to minimize frizz when wearing a pullover top is to gently drape a large silky scarf over your entire head and pull the top over the scarf. The silkiness of the scarf minimizes the shirt’s drag on your curls. Prevents make-up transfer, too! It’s a trick that gets used on movie sets where actors often have to change clothes in full makeup.

  • Hi Kelly,

    I’ve been following your blog for a few years. Love your style!

    Do your jeans come folded at the bottom or do you just fold them up? Is there a specific way you fold it?


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