How To Wear A Tie

It’s no secret I love men’s neckwear and incorporating them into my outfits is a favorite pastime of mine. I like to wear them a little unconventionally, so I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the ways I like to incorporate ties into my wardrobe with the help of Georgia Mae. Georgia Mae has scaled down ties for women in length and width, making them easier and more flattering to wear, eliminating many of my gripes with shopping for ones that work on my frame. I hope you enjoy these ideas for how to wear a tie!

I also want to make a special note of look #3 in this post, which is related to a question I’ve received recently with wedding and holiday season approaching. Quite a few of my readers have asked me about special occasion dressing without the frills, skirts or dresses. One of the looks I always suggest for these situations is the “lady tuxedo” or in this post, the “undone suit”. Swap out the jeans for suit pants and you have a formal but feminized menswear inspired outfit (think cocktail parties), or swap out the black blazer for something a little more jazzy (I’ve done this look with an emerald green velvet blazer) and it becomes a more festive and quirky holiday outfit.

How to Wear a Tie: Low Contrast, Flowy & Feminized

How to wear a tie with Georgia Mae women's ties

How to wear a tie for women

Georgia Mae tie in Sangria (c/o)

I like to achieve a feminized look by pairing a silky tie with a silky blouse. By pairing them in the same or similar color, the tie is low-contrast, so it doesn’t distract, but still adds a fun element of texture, movement, and detail. Draped loosely around the neck, the tie hangs and can be thought of like a scarf. Here I’ve chosen a color palette of merlots for it’s feminine feel.


How To Wear a Tie: Loosely Tied & Tucked

How women can wear a tie

Ways women can wear ties

Georgia Mae tie in Black (c/o)

This is much more of a “boy’s club” take on the tie, paired with a high-contrast colored shirt, and menswear style grandpa cardigan. The feminized twist here is to wear the tie low and loose, instead of high and tight as it is traditionally worn (I personally don’t like wearing ties tight to the collar…just a personal preference). Tucked into a buttoned cardigan, it just peeks out for a playful detail.


How To Wear a Tie: The Undone Suit

Holiday party idea - wear a tie

Wear a tie to a holiday party

Georgia Mae tie in Smoke (c/o)

Here’s that holiday outfit I was talking about! Traditional suiting is made feminine and flirty by wearing it all a little undone. A low buttoned poplin shirt with a peek of high contrast lace at the neckline, long unbuttoned sleeve cuffs hang open to display your wrist candy, and a tie is worn loosely around the neck. Hand me a champagne glass and I’m ready to toast in the New Year!

A special thank you to Georgia Mae ties for partnering on this post, and designing ties in shorter lengths and narrower widths for women! Canadian readers should also note Georgia Mae is a Canadian brand, with all ties being made in Canada.

// Georgia Mae offers free shipping to the US and Canada! //



Look #1: Georgia Mae tie in Sangria (c/o) // Ann Taylor blouse (the plum is pretty close) // Rag & Bone blazer // Zara jeans (darker wash) // J.Crew pumps // Chanel handbag
Look #2: Georgia Mae tie in Black (c/o) // Banana Republic shirt // Uniqlo cardigan // Rag & Bone jeans // Manolo Blahnik pumps // Sophie Hulme bag (partially c/o)
Look #3: Georgia Mae tie in Smoke (c/o) // Banana Republic shirt // J.Crew blazer // Banana Republic jeans // J.Crew pumps // Chanel handbag

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    Just discovered your blog and I’m seriously in love with your style. I love menswear too (so much so, that I steal my Fiance’s clothes sometimes :P)! I can totally see myself incorporating “The Undone Suit” into my wardrobe. Thanks you so much for the ideas :D

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