Petite Banana Republic Burgundy Blazer – Fit Review Friday

petite banana republic burgundy blazer fit review

Happy Friday!! For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have a fall blazer from Banana Republic in a beautiful shade of burgundy. As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here. On to the review…

petite fit review banana republic blazer

petite blazer fit review

petite blazer

Banana Republic Petite Burgundy One-Button Blazer // Size 00p

I’ve tried this blazer shape in the past that BR has been producing lately, and it’s been largely a fail on my height and body shape (I don’t think that crisp fabric helped either). Even given that track record, I had to give this one a shot because I’m never one to pass on a good burgundy tweed. Like it’s predecessors, it’s a boxy “boyfriend” fit with very slim arms and a gently contoured waist. Where this one trumps the others is the fabric and the season, because the drape of the wool blend tweed and fall appropriateness of comfy oversized layers makes this one finally work. Also, the color doesn’t hurt. Seriously, it’s better than I thought it would be from the photos…in real life, it’s a deep burgundy and black herringbone, with little flecks of cream.

Instead of a blazer, I think of this more as a light blazer-coat. The slim sleeves keep the slouchy torso polished and intentional, although they will make it hard to layer anything too thick underneath. They do however, make it perfect for pushing sleeves up the arm and having them stay where you put them. I love that! Best keep this one around for layering with tees, thin sweaters, or vests.

I was distressed at first because while I loved this blazer instantaneously, the shoulder is bigger than I prefer, and bigger than usual for BR size 00p. I ordered another one just in case the first one I received was a fluke, but no, there’s that same big shoulder. I’ve been analyzing it in the mirror, and have come to the conclusion it doesn’t look bad on me…it just further justifies that whole blazer-coat designation and gives it a more relaxed look. As per usual, this blazer also comes with details such as real working sleeve buttons, two working side pockets, and a third working chest pocket in which I love to stuff my pocket squares.

The approximate measurements of size 00p are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 14.5″
Bust: 17″
Waist: 16″
Sleeve: 22″
Bicep: 5.5″
Length: 24″

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  1. says: Angela

    I, too, tried an oversized jacket at BR (it was the blue deconstructed one). I think I’m just too curvy for the sweater/jacket coats. It’s too bad because I really like that burgundy; when I saw it on your Instagram I had to have it. It looks really good on you, but I think you could wear anything well. Instead, I bought the turtleneck dress and sleeveless turtleneck sweater. That at least looks good on me (even at 28 weeks pregnant!)

      1. says: Kelli

        Thx Kelly! Would like to see a review/ throught on it. Cuz I’m 5’1 and love long jacket blazer look. But it seem to overwhelm on me. What you think?

        1. I’ll get photos of it on the blog soon (this Friday’s Fit Review I think). It hits at my knee, so it should hit higher on you since you’re taller than me. The cut is really slim and tailored so the length isn’t as overwhelming as you’d think. ;)

  2. says: Sarah

    Hi Kelly,
    I just wanted to say I’m loving your Fit Review Friday posts. I’m the same size as you and I love J. Crew but they don’t have a large petite selection where I live (Vancouver, Canada woot!) so thanks for featuring items I know would fit me without having to deal with the hassle of returns :)

    1. Hi Phil! Yup, I have a whole shoe box full of ’em. I’ve been preferring this white one for a while because I like that sleek 50’s mad men-esque sliver of white, plus it’s Italian lace embroidered with my initial that my parent’s picked up for me in Italy. =)

  3. says: eveange66

    Ohh thank you for the review. I have 2 burgundy jackets already… but in velvet. I should say that I do love velvet, now that I am wearing more trousers and with a more “mannish’ look, it goes well with the way I want to be seen. And always some flower pin on my lapels, be it cotton or velvet or wool jackets.
    Thank you also for reminding me of All Saints: this brand is very petite friendly. I bought a leather jacket in London and it’s a bit too small for me to wear with a sweater. My measurements are similar to yours.

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