Petite-Friendly Slouchy Destroyed Denim




Shopping for slouchy, destroyed denim that doesn’t do too horrible of things to petite legs is a tough task (because, let’s face it…slouchy denim is not a leg-lengthening or height-flattering look on any girl…but screw fashion “rules”, right?). First of all, the destroyed knees are rarely in the right neighborhood, and so many of them come with super high rises that just look terrible on my body-type. And those oversized back pockets look cute on taller girls…but just visually drag me down further than I’d like. I also wanted a slouchy, but not OMG-hammer-pant-wide silhouette. A lot of boxes needed to be checked.

These hit all the marks. Thick 99% cotton, cropped length, the right shade of faded blue, and destroyed just enough for my taste. The smallest size I found in store was a US2 (a size up from the US0 I normally grab, it’s available online if you’re interested), which turned out to be perfecto! Just enough slouch without looking ridiculous, and the knees are destroyed in just the spot where I would’ve wiped out back in my skateboarding days. ;)

— Details —

Shirt J.Crew
Jeans Zara
Shoes Gianvito Rossi (super similar)
Handbag Cambridge Satchel thanks to Shopbop
Belt thanks to Linea Pelle
Watch Michael Kors
Necklaces Vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, Vrai & Oro & vintage

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Susan

    These look so great on you! I often times have trouble finding pants that fit at Zara since they’re made for tiny tiny petite Spanish woman, and while I’m petite I have curves. But digging these and I may have to go to Zara’s before work and try them on!
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Susan! I know exactly what you’re talking about with Zara pants! I find them to be tight in the hips/rear area. Sizing up helped that issue for me with these jeans, and it also helped that they are 99% cotton, so they stretched a little in that area for a comfier fit after a little while of wearing. =)

    2. says: Caroline

      The best-fitting jeans I’ve ever owned were from Zara, and I’m quite curvy. Last winter the zipper broke, and I ran to the store only to find they didn’t have anything with that same amazing fit. These look promising, though!

  2. says: Deb

    I’m a premium denim woman, but these Zara jeans look great on you and fit the bill on price. This is a flattering look for the petites amongst us and one of my go-to favourites for spring and autumn. Gorgeous shoes as always Kelly!!

    1. Thanks Deb! I’m a premium denim woman too, but these endeared themselves to me. The denim is nice and thick, and I can’t bring myself to pay the $300 price tag for seriously destroyed premium denim. Can’t beat the price point on these!

  3. says: Jordan

    Is it just me, or are jeans the worst thing to look for when you’re petite? I love the look of these jeans, and the destroyed look of them! Beautiful pictures!

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