Perfect Petite Trench Coat – Fit Review Friday

Perfect petite trench coat review

Happy Friday!! For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have a super cute petite trench coat. As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here. On to the review…

J.Crew petite trench coat

J.Crew trench coat review

Petite Trenchcoat

Perfect petite trench coat review

J.Crew Petite Icon Trench Coast // Size Petite 000

If I didn’t already have a trench in a similar color, I would have kept this trench coat in a heartbeat! This thing just FITS, and feels nice to wear with it’s thick, heavy cotton construction. I’m always a big fan of classic, traditional details because then an item will live on in your wardrobe as a “classic” vs. become dated or trendy, and this coat hits that classic mark. The one styling fixture missing on this coat versus, say, a Burberry trench, are shoulder epaulettes, which depending on taste or even body type (broad shouldered types may hate the extra bulk epaulettes can bring to a shoulder), this may or may not matter to you.

The color is a little darker and has more yellow it in than the classic Burberry khaki “stone” color, probably being closer to the Burberry “honey” if you’re familiar with the brand. The coat is lined with what I believe to be polyester (I forgot to check the label! Doh!), which has a really soft, smooth hand to it, similar to silk.

For petites, note the shorter length (my Burberry comes down lower on me, close to the top of my knee, which I’ve always though about having shortened by my tailor), nice sleeve length, and waist belt that actually hits…get this…at my waist! It’s nice and slim, so it looks great left open with the belt tied behind the back with minimal extra fabric floppage. I’m almost regretting having already returned it.

All in all, this was my first time trying a J.Crew trench coat and I’m really impressed. I’d recommend this for anyone looking for a classic wardrobe workhorse of a trench, but doesn’t want to pay for Burberry. Like I mentioned above, if I didn’t already have a similar trench, I would have kept this one for sure!

Because it’s running small, think about how much you’d layer under it when determining a size. This fit would work great for mellow California falls and winters, but those in colder climates way prefer a size up for layering over thick sweaters and jackets.

The approximate measurements of size Petite 000 are as follows (laid flat):

Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 15.5″
Waist: 16″
Sleeve: 21″
Length: 31.5″

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  1. says: J.

    Love love love! I ended up reviewing this trench in a blog post earlier this week in the size P000 and P00– I totally agree with what you’ve written here. I was very impressed by the quality and fit and it was a definite keeper for me. I’ll make sure update my post to link up to yours, in case folks want another take on this trench! :)

    1. Hi Nicci! I didn’t measure the sleeve circumference, so I can’t give you an actual number unfortunately. The arms felt and look like there’s plenty of room in the upper arm, but I’d suggest a size up would be better all around for layering in general.

  2. says: C.

    Would a tailor be able to add shoulder epaulettes on a trench like this one? I definitely would prefer this trench coat with shoulder epaulettes, personally I think it would make the coat more sophisticated and put together.

    1. Hi C.! A tailor could add epaulettes, but probably would not be able to match the exact fabric weight and color of the trench. What a tailor COULD do is add epaulettes in a different or contrast fabric. If I were to explore this option, I’d ask if my tailor could add some in leather. =)

  3. says: Melody

    I purchased this trench coat a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it. The only thing that had made me hesitate was no shoulder epaulettes but now I realized since I carry a tote bag everyday, shoulder epaulettes will be very annoying to deal with at the same time(I have to be careful for the buttons). Thank you so much for your review(I found this trench coat through your blog) and it’s very helpful!

    1. Thanks for the update Melody! It’s a great coat and I’m still kinda regretting releasing it back into the wild. Totally agree with you on epaulettes. I love when items have them, but they are really annoying to navigate with a shoulder bag. I almost rip the button off all the time. =P

  4. says: Megan

    Hi! Just discovered your blog in my ongoing search for the perfect trench coat. I ordered the cashmere Icon Trench in P000 and I adore the fit. I’m tempted to get the classic one, but am curious – do you think it would hold up in rain? I see that it’s Japanese cotton and am sure it wouldn’t be great in downpours, but I’d hate to shell out that much money for something that could potentially be easily ruined.
    Also, do you have any suggestions for stylish rain jackets?

    1. Hi Megan! Welcome! =)

      Congrats on snagging the Cashmere Icon Trench! I bet it’s lovely! I’m not familiar with whether or not the classic trench is water resistant, but most heavy cotton trenches have had some sort of water resistant treatment applied, so I’d be surprised if it were able to be ruined in a downpour. I think your best bet would be to live chat with J.Crew customer service and ask about its water resistance. They have been really helpful for me in the past!

  5. says: Beanie

    I’m 4″11 and find it really difficult to find flattering jackets. The jacket looks great but is quite out of my price range, especially as I’m based in the UK and J crew is pretty expensive here.

    Do you have any cheaper brands that you’d recommend?

    1. Hi Beanie! Hmm…that’s a good question. I’m not as familiar with UK brands. Keep an eye on ASOS petites, as I’ve certainly seen some classic coats and jackets pop up there in the past, but quality is not the best. Banana Republic has e-commerce and stores in the UK, and is a step below J.Crew in prices. They have nice quality classic pieces in petites and I shop them often. I hope that helps! Good luck!

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