Fit Review Friday – J.Crew Pants in Size Petite 000

J.Crew Petite Clothing Fit Review

Happy Friday!! For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have some new petite pants from J.Crew in that new size petite 000 that has piqued my interest so much lately. As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here. On to the reviews…

J.Crew Petite Ryder Pant Fit Review

J.Crew Petite Ryder Pant Review

J.Crew Petite Ryder Pant

J.Crew Petite Ryder Pant – Weathered Spruce // Size Petite 000

First up is the Ryder Pant in size petite 000. I choose this pant to try because I like the trouser styling, including side pockets, and welt back pockets. The silhouette also looked pretty slim, which is usually a more flattering look on my frame. The fabric on these is super stretchy, but substantial, like a thick ponte. As for the fit, the petite 000 is legit small, and I would personally like to see myself in one size up. The waist felt too snug, the hip pulled across the front resulting in distracting folds and creases at the crotch, and the rear looks stretched to within an inch of it’s life (to be fair, I’m fairly ample in that area to begin with). This is all good news for petites who clock in smaller than myself…these pants are for you! I found the length a little too long, but this is easily fixed with a quick pant cuff or trip to the tailor. I also found the rise to be too high on me, but those are the breaks when you’re short-torso’d such as myself.

The approximate measurements of size Petite 000 are as follows (laid flat):

Waist: 13″
Hip: 14.75″
Rise: 8.25″
Thigh: 8″
Inseam: 27″
Leg Opening: 5″

J.Crew Petite Leather Ryder Pant Fit Review

J.Crew Petite Leather Pants

J.Crew Petite Leather Ryder Pant Review

J.Crew Collection Petite Leather Ryder Pant // Size Petite 000

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a petite leather pant before, so I had to order these as soon as I saw them. The leather is really nice and soft, and has a slight stretch for comfortable wear. The fit of these is pretty similar to the other Ryder pant reviewed above, but with slightly more room in the hip and leg (you can see how much smoother the front is on these leather pants since they’re not being stretched to within an inch of their lives across my hips). I did find the waist to be even snugger, much too snug for myself. I wish J.Crew had added back pockets, since pants without back pockets don’t feel like pants at all to me, but like leggings, and I refuse to ever buy them…one of my quirks. I do like how the leg seam (all leather pants I’ve ever seen has them) is properly positioned above the knee, unlike the non-petite leather pants I own which has the seam right on my knee (I worry how long those seams can withstand bending/sitting). Overall, these are a pretty good fit for a trouser style pant, but I’d try one size up on myself for a more comfortable fit in the waist if I were looking to keep.

The approximate measurements of size Petite 000 are as follows (laid flat):

Waist: 12.5″
Hip: 15″
Rise: 7.5″
Thigh: 8.25″
Inseam: 26.5″

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    1. Thanks Prudence! I’m not sure how leather pants used to feel back in the day, but all the ones I’ve tried in the last few years have been slightly stretchy and really comfortable. They also stretch to fit your natural curves after a few wears, which is always nice. ;)

  1. says: Tailor Made

    My interest is piqued by the Ryder pant. I’m not petite myself, but the rise for the petite version is fairly long and being long-torsoed I tend to need a higher rise. I can only hope that the rise for the regular length version is on the higher side too!

    Love the leather pants and shame about the lack of back pockets.

  2. says: Aubs

    I hate pants without pockets but that’s bc I like texture on my butt. Your butt though looks phenomenol in these pants. I like being thin but really wish I had an ass like yours. Kisses.

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