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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling to Boston to celebrate the marriage of a person who has become an amazing friend to me over the years. Thanks to blogging, I e-met Jean almost 7 years ago over a shared love of fashion and the hunt for petite clothes. As a very shy introvert, I don’t come across many people I easily “click” with, yet somehow Jean’s warm personality and quick wit immediately won me over. Despite being located on opposite ends of the country, we’ve somehow found plenty of occasions over the years to catch up over brunches, double-dates, and late-night iMessage flurries. It was so special to celebrate with Jean and Nick on their wedding day!

Here’s what I wore to the wedding…a dramatically cut cotton poplin shirt dress from Theory. I picked it up from the tailor the day before I was to fly out to Boston, which was cutting it close considering I hadn’t come up with a backup plan if anything had gone awry. You can read about how the dress was altered here.

The color is a little off in these photos, since lighting was scarce at the time, so imagine it if you will in more of a true navy. I wore black and gold accessories to dress it up, but it also looks wonderful and summery with white. This is by far my favorite dress in my wardrobe, and one I’m actually exited about wearing (miraculous considering I wear nothing but pants!). I have another wedding to attend later this summer, and I foresee an outfit repeat. =)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the rare unicorn that is a dress pop up on the blog! And congrats once again to Jean & Nick!

— Details —

Dress Theory (in white) (similar)
Bralette Aerie
Belt Linea Pelle (similar & similar)
Shoes Banana Republic (this year’s version)
Handbag thanks to Linea Pelle
Bracelet Vintage
Necklaces Vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, Vrai & Oro & vintage

— Altered —

Dress has been completely tailored

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  1. Wow Kelly the dress turned out amazing!!! You have such vision there is absolutely no way I would have thought the dress could have so much potential. I love how dramatic and unique it is. You also styled it perfectly.

  2. says: olyvia

    I remember the early days how both you, Jean, and a few others started the petite blogging/forum thing (headless and grainy pictures, haha), and seeing how cool your friendships and style have blossom over the years! This edgy and tailored navy dress is so you! Definitely the perfect outfit for a perfect event like Extra Petite’s wedding :) Secretly, I was not only looking forward to pictures of Jean’s wedding, but also her blogger friends’ outfits, haha! Hope there will be more wedding guest pics popping up ;)

    1. Hi Olyvia! Ahhh, yes…the early days of the petite blogging community. That was fun! Thank you so much for popping in to leave a comment! It’s always amazing to see some of the OG petites are still hanging around. ;)

      Hope you’re well!

  3. says: Oona

    I love it that you each have shared photos of the other’s wedding — so great to see sisterly enthusiasm in this too-competitive world! You and Jean have such distinctive styles, and I enjoy both. The Theory dress is incredible. You were absolutely right to take the gamble on tailoring. You’ll enjoy that dress far more than the $$$ you paid for it!

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