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First of all, I’d like to thank Tailor Made Blog for oh so kindly sending this fruit of her closet purge labors over my way. “Yay!” to finding others with similar taste in fashion! It’s velvet, and you know how I feel about textures.

I love a good vest (or waistcoat if you’re so inclined), and was pretty surprised to see how this J.Crew size 0 from 2006 (according to the inside tag) fits compared to the sizing of today. In today’s sizing, I’d be lucky to find this kind of fit in a size petite 00. I didn’t shop J.Crew back in 2006, so I’ve had nothing to compare current offerings to, but I’ve read plenty of comments in blog posts and forums from others who used to fit a certain size in J.Crew’s old sizes, and now find themselves wearing several sizes smaller. These creeping sizes aren’t exclusive to J.Crew…it just so happens I have an example in my hands, so I may be perhaps throwing it under the bus…just a little. And I won’t go into a rant about vanity sizing, because according to some industry experts, there is no such thing. I just find it interesting. =)

— Details —

Shirt Two by Vince Camuto via Nordstrom
Vest J.Crew thanks to Tailor Made Blog
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes J.Crew (similar) (same fit)
Handbag thanks to Linea Pelle
Watch Larsson & Jennings
Necklaces Vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, Vrai & Oro & vintage

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Cassie

    I would be willing to bet those industry experts aren’t on the bottom end of the size scale, slowly being sized out of certain stores as the clothes get progressively larger. Fortunately a lot of stores have added smaller sizes and petite lines :D Love your outfit today!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Thanks Cassie! True, true. Like most things in life, unless you’re the one actually in the predicament, it can be hard to relate or understand. You should actually read that “vanity sizing is a myth” article if you haven’t already. It makes some interesting points, but I think the truth may lie somewhere in the middle. I’ve actually read quotes from people involved on the retail end of the fashion production chain admitting that vanity sizing exists, so even if it doesn’t exist on the manufacturing end (where the author has her experience), perhaps it’s being quietly nudged from the retail end.

  2. says: Ellen

    I was just talking about how I have some clothes in my closet from 20 years ago, when there was no such thing as a size 0. 00. or 000. Size 2 was the smallest women’s size. I have some old size 4s that are the equivalent to today’s petite 0.

    Do you mean “yore”? There is some “lore” here, too!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Ellen! Yup, you’re right! I did mean “yore”! Gah! I must’ve read this thing a million times over before posting and still missed that mistake. Fixed it. =)

      I’ve heard that from a lot of people! I was pretty fresh out of college and still shopping juniors sizes when size 0 existed, so I never had the pleasure of actually fitting in numbered sizes. Now with J.Crew’s new size (which I’m glad exists because it has actually fit!), I now have p000’s in my closet! It begs the question, “when will it bottom out?”. Will 0’s just keep getting added to accommodate the smallest shoppers while the rest of the sizing scale keeps moving larger? Interesting stuff. =)

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