Fit Review Friday – J.Crew Denim Jackets in Size Petite XXXS (& Comparison to AEO Version)

Review J.Crew American Eagle Denim Jacket petite

For this week’s Fit Review Friday, I have some examples of a new size at J.Crew…size petite xxx-small. As per usual, you can find my measurements for comparison here.

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket Calyer Wash xxxs petite

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket Calyer Wash

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket petite
J.Crew Denim Jacket in Calyer Wash // Size Petite xxxs

Last year, J.Crew introduced a new size xxx-small to their regular sizing lineup, and this season they’ve begun rolling out it’s petite counterpart, size petite xxx-small. Whether you call it vanity sizing or not (there are so many x’s, I kept having to count every x I typed while writing this post…safe to say I consistently kept missing an x!), I’m pretty happy about it! I’ve definitely found myself swimming in J.Crew’s smallest sizes in the past, so if this new size pans out, I can see myself shopping J.Crew petites much more often! I’m an monstrous fall shopper, so I’ll be anxiously awaiting the fall lineup to try more in this size (a commenter from another post (Hi Suz!) praised the fit of this size in pants. Whoohoo!), but for now, I picked up denim jackets to see how the sizing runs in person.

The verdict…size petite xxx-small is pretty awesome! If you like fitted styles you have to check this one out. A nice small shoulder, fitted torso, and super slim arms (I added a bicep measurement because I can see a lot of people finding this too snug, especially if you plan to layer) had me a bit shocked as I slipped it on. In short…it just fits.

I’m also a big fan of this wash…it’s bleached out without falling into the dreaded acid-wash zone, with little bits of distressing. I think this light wash looks great against black, grey, and white (especially with the silver-tone buttons), which happens to be the bulk of what I want to wear these days. The details are kept classic, with buttons, pockets, and contrast stitching in all the right places. This one I’m keeping!

The approximate measurements of size Petite xxxs are as follows:

Shoulder: 13″
Bust: 14″
Waist: 13″
Sleeve Length: 20.5″
Bicep: 5″
Length: 18.5″

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket Tyler Wash xxxs petite

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket Tyler Wash petite

Review J.Crew Denim Jacket petite
J.Crew Denim Jacket in Tyler Wash // Size Petite xxxs

This wash had very similar measurements to the Calyer wash, except I felt the sleeves were a tiny bit slimmer, and about a 1/2 inch shorter…not sure if this would hold true across this wash, or if sizing just isn’t uniform from jacket to jacket…maybe order two to compare just in case? I like the copper buttons against the faded blue for a more traditional/vintage looking jacket. I plan to return this one, since it’s so similar to my American Eagle Outfitters version, but no promises if I won’t pick it up if I happen to catch it on a good sale.

Review American Eagle Denim Jacket xxs

Review American Eagle Denim Jacket petite

Review petite Denim Jacket
American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket in Medium Rinse // Size xxs

For comparison, here’s my American Eagle Outfitters denim jacket. It’s a bit darker than the J.Crew Tyler wash, with silver-tone buttons instead of copper. My one gripe is the little side/back button is useless and just for show…not that I’d use it, but I like heritage/traditional details, and having only one button back there defeats the purpose and just screams “cost cutting!” to me.

As for a fit comparison, the AEO jacket has the same small shoulder, but is a little roomier and longer everywhere else. This one is a great value option if the J.Crew prices feel steep. I’m pretty happy with this one, which is why I’m passing up on the J.Crew Tyler wash version for now.

The approximate measurements of size xxs are as follows:

Shoulder: 13″
Bust: 15″
Waist: 14.5″
Sleeve Length: 22.5″
Bicep: 5.25″
Length: 19″

other items pictured: Banana Republic shirt // iNDI denim jeans (old) (also love these) (also here) // J.Crew shoes (old) (same fit)

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  1. says: caitlyn

    Thanks for the sizing info about PXXXS!! I love the Calyer wash and will have to keep checking if the PXXXS comes back in stock. I’m still loving the AEO denim jacket I got thanks to your recommendation!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Oh wow! It sold out! It was definitely available last night when I wrote the post. I’m sure some will pop-back in the next week or two. Glad you like the AEO version! It’s a great little jacket. =)

      1. says: caitlyn

        Hi Kelly, the PXXXS came back into stock last week during the sale so I managed to snag one! It fits me *perfectly*, even the sleeves! I have never had any jacket fit me that well! It wins over the AE denim jacket because I don’t have to fold up the sleeves. :) (Though I agree the AE one is priced much better.) The color is really great, too! Thanks for writing about this jacket because I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. :)

        1. says: Alterations Needed

          Yay!!! I’m so glad! And you were able to snag it on sale which is even better! Just an FYI, I washed mine (machine wash cold, machine dry on low) and it turned out great. No shrinking so it still fits great. =)

          1. says: Gigi

            Hi Kelly – I really like and enjoy reading your blog, as I’m very petite too :) Thanks for sharing the measurements of J. Crew denim jacket PXXXS. I love Calyer wash a lot and have kept checking if the PXXXS comes back in stock… However, I found that only Tyler wash has been available since early this year and I am so disappointed… Do you happen to know if Calyer wash is still available in the US (I live in Canada)? Or, do you or do you know anyone would like to sell Calyer wash jacket? I don’t mind buying a pre-loved one if that’s still in good condition.

  2. says: Debbie

    I just signed up to your blog, because it was for petites. However, so far I have only read about small petites. Will your blog be helpful to mr who is a medium petite bottom and a large petite top because of an very oversized bust

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Debbie! Welcome! When I post about alterations, fit, and styling, I try to keep things general because I know there are a lot of readers out there who aren’t the same size as me, but still find the content helpful. When it comes to fit reviews, I can only give honest assessments of the clothing and sizes that work for me, so I may not be of much help to your specific needs in that department.

      If you’re looking for fit reviews in sizes that are closer to your measurements, try Gigi’s blog. I love her detailed reviews! And she’s 5’2″.

      I also have a list of petite bloggers you can look through, but I haven’t updated it in quite a while, so I’m not sure if many of them are still around:

      I hope that helps, and let me know if Gigi’s blog turns out to be what you were looking for. ;)

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Thanks Kittykat! He likes to supervise, making sure everyone in the house is doing their jobs. ;)

  3. says: issa

    Very informative comparison! Thank you for that!

    They all look great on you! But, wow, that XXXSP just fits you so well!

    The two very different price points (along with being a Canadian who would have to ship back to J. Crew for all online purchases) have me stuck from a decision so I’m VERY curious about whether any shrinkage has been experienced or would be expected with the AE (American Eagle) version ;)?

    Thanks, Kelly!
    Been a fan for a while now!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Issa! I’ve washed the AE jacket several times (machine wash & tumble dry low/medium) and have noticed no shrinkage. Since it is 100% cotton, you’d think it would take up at least a little if it were washed in hot water and dried on your hottest dryer setting, but no guarantees. Honestly, the AE one looks and fits great, and I doubt you’d be bummed once you got your hands on it. Also note…I have the AE distressed version, but there is also one in nearly the same rinse without all the distressing, and it fits exactly the same (I tried it). I hope that helps!

  4. says: Kim

    These fit you so well! I noticed 000P also quietly has become a presence at JC, and am so excited about this. On the other hand I’m not so sure about having the head of Madewell move over to JC. Madewell doesn’t seem that petite-friendly and nothing they sell seems work appropriate to me. Sighs. How do you like the olive utility shirt from BR? Their photo made it look yellowy, but it looks really great on you in the photos. How is the fit, fabric?

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Kim! I’m super excited about the 000P too. I’m hoping for some nice pants this fall that don’t need tailoring! (fingers crossed). Everything I’ve read about J.Crew’s current issues point to the sentiment that J.Crew wants to get back to their roots, so I’m hoping it’ll be a good thing. We’ll all see in a collection or two!

      The BR utility shirt is a great shade of olive green, and I haven’t found it yellowy at all. The fabric is like a stiff cotton poplin shirting fabric, which I think is it’s downfall. I like wearing it when lounging around, because it’s cool against the skin and oversized/comfy, but I’m finding it hard to wear as a normal day-to-day shirt. The torso is really roomy, which is the point of the “boyfriend” shirt, but because the fabric is a bit stiff, it’s easy to look swallowed up. If the fabric was softer or drapey (like the white “textured voile boyfriend shirt” for example…I love that one!), I think I could pull it off better. I might have to get it slimmed at some point down the line.

      1. says: Kim

        Thank you so much for the info! I am hopeful about j crew. I did like the June rollout much more than the last several. I am also hoping for pants that don’t need tailoring :)

  5. says: Vanessa

    They Cayler wash XXXSP looks completely fabulous on you.
    It gives me hope that I can find a J Crew size that fits me — I’m roughly 2″ bigger than you on most of your measurements :)

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