Fit Review Friday – J.Crew Petite Swing Trench & Sale Sweaters


I had a bunch of stuff arrive in the mail recently, and while they aren’t all keepers, I thought some of you might like to see what they look like & how they fit. For reference purposes, my measurements can be found here, along with general sizing tips.

I’ll start off with some recent sale finds and a new arrival from J.Crew:



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Mohair Fuzzy-Stripe Sweater – Size XXXS
On sale for $69.99 + 30% off with code TIMETOSHOP

This sweater is so cute! I almost kept this one, but I have to be honest with myself and remember that I’m always reluctant to pull sweaters with small necklines over my frizz-prone curly hair…especially if I’m having a decent hair day. I’ll always consider them, but then go with an easier-on-the hair cardigan or blazer layer instead. Ho-hum.

The color Petrol Blue Navy is grey leaning towards blue, and true to J.Crew sweater form, features tight fitted sleeves and a boxy torso. Being petite, I find the shorter length flattering, and great for layering on top of longer shirts. Some reviewers complained of itchiness, which I could certainly see if you have sensitive skin. It felt fine to me, but my skin is a pretty tough cookie.



Collection Cashmere Cardigan – Size Petite XS
On sale for $159.99 + 30% off with code TIMETOSHOP

I’ve never had camel in my wardrobe before, and have found myself wanting to pair it with blacks and greys, so what better way to dip your toes than in a little cashmere cardigan? Bonus points, cardigans won’t cause the afore mentioned issue of frizzing up my curly hair.

This color is “Hthr Acorn” and I find to be a warm, medium camel. I love these little cropped, front pocketed, v-neck cardigans because they look great layered under blazers, in almost a preppy sweater-vest kind of way. I also like to utilize this trick: buttoning the middle two buttons to create a “x” shape, thereby accentuating a waist.

I’ll add here that I also tried size petite xxs, but opted for the petite xs instead. The petite xxs was very, very snug, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to pull it over a sleeved shirt if I wanted to layer. I also like to give my cashmere (and other wool sweaters) a little wiggle room in case of shrinkage. I also took size pxs for the merino v-neck cardigan, so these cashmere ones seem to running about the same size.







Japanese Poplin Swing Trench – Size Petite 00
New Arrival – $138

 In my search for a short trench, I’ve been curious to try the swing shape that is popping up everywhere right now. This one comes in petite sizing, and I liked the idea of a light crisp poplin, so I ordered it as soon as there was a promo available (30% off a few weeks ago when it was still on pre-order) in both colors.

This one didn’t wow me, but I’ll start with it’s good attributes. Firstly, petite sizing! Yay! Both colors are really nice, and I’d be hard pressed to choose one as my favorite. The more classic khaki has sold like hot cakes online, but I felt the olive complemented my skin tone a bit more and would still make a fairly neutral topper for most outfits. They are fully lined, with each color having it’s own contrasting stripe…light blue for the khaki and black for the olive. There is one internal pocket, which I always think is a nice touch.

The biggest knock against it on me was the shoulder size. It measures at least 1/2 an inch too big on either shoulder, and I feel it affects the way the trench fits on me, especially from behind. If I stand with my shoulders back, the extra fabric poofs around my shoulder blades in a way I’m not too enthused about. I’d also prefer the sleeves slimmer, a tad shorter (would probably fit better if the shoulder wasn’t so big on me), and the torso slightly slimmer. Reviewers of the regular sizes have mentioned it runs a size large, which seems about right. I’m betting someone a size larger than myself would look great in this, but I just don’t love it on me.

The fabric is a thin cotton poplin, so it’s crisp, but very, very light. It’s much more of a topper for looks rather than for actual warmth. The poplin also seems pretty wrinkle prone, so keep that in mind.

The approximate measurements of size petite 00 are as follows:

Shoulder: 15″
Bust (fully buttoned): 18″
Waist (fully buttoned): 17.5″
Hip (fully buttoned): 20.5″ +
Sleeve Length: 21.5″
Overall Length: 22.5″ (front) & 23″ (back)

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  1. says: Sophia

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on these purchases! I’d seen the swing trench online, and since there isn’t a JCrew very close by, I’ve been hesitant on ordering it. I am yet to own a trench coat (sad, I know), so your review definitely helped narrow the search!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Michelle! The jeans are Rag & Bone, the fit is RBW 23 Zipper Crop, and the wash is Oil Stain. I’m wearing size 24. This particular jean looks like it’s sold out, but I also have this one:

      and it fits super similar in size 24. =)

  2. says: Lynne

    I preordered the J Crew swing trench as well and felt the same way. BR is also selling one in petite sizing that is cut smaller in the shoulders and arms. I’m kind of meh on the swing trench silhouette but the BR one is probably more flattering overall despite the poor reviews.

    I also noticed that J Crew’s new (vanity) size XXXS appears to run quite a bit smaller than XXS. I tried on two sweaters in that size that were almost too short for me (I’m 5’1”) so that’s probably good news for you :)

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