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You’re probably familiar with showing a little cleavage, a little leg, or even some midriff…but how about showing a little hip? I must say, it’s surprisingly fun, and a great opportunity to show off an embellished belt (I wear this one all the time, but the embellishments that make it unique are usually hidden by layers and shirt hems).

I’ve talked before about how white shoes can be used as “fashion bookends” to cap the top and bottom of an outfit with the same color in an aesthetically pleasing way, and I’ve used them really similarly here. The white shoes complement the contrasting white stripes of the sweater, and I feel just brings the color palette full circle in a way that feels “complete”.

I wasn’t totally sure I’d like white shoes when I first picked these up, and purposely got a pair that weren’t too expensive in an effort to try out the trend before investing . White shoes have proved their purpose, and after some thought, I’m planning their upgrade. I think the trick to white shoes is getting less shoe. White has a tendency to make things look big and chunky, so I’m thinking a sleeker shoe silhouette would be much more flattering. I’m thinking a d’orsay style would look really nice, and I’d also like to find a 3 inch heel to replace these 4 inchers, since I’ve already determined that’s my ideal heel height. I have my eye on these 3 inch d’orsays, but am wondering if the off-white color would be more or less versatile than a true bright white…hmmm….

— Details —

Sweater Stylestalker thanks to Shopbop
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes Charles by Charles David
Handbag Sophie Hulme partially thanks to Shopbop
Belt Linea Pelle (in purple) (in oxblood) (also love this one)
Rings Catbird, Vrai & Oro & vintage

— Altered —

nothing ;)

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  1. says: Cristina

    Love the outfit… Especially the jeans! Is the link you provided for the jeans the same exact pair? I was wondering because the color of the jeans in the link appear a bit yellow, but yours do not. Also, they look a bit looser on you. Do the jeans run true to size? I normally weat a size 2 at Loft, would you recommend the size 26 for me? It looks like they are going fast!

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Cristina! Thank you! I love these jeans because they are a looser fit, but still skinny, so you don’t get that stumpy look you can get from baggy boyfriend fit jeans. They are a little less yellow than that product page makes them look…a little more like this product page:

      I found these to run a little big. I normally wear either size 23 or 24 in Rag & Bone denim, and these are size 23. My other size 23 R&B jeans fit more snug. If you like the relaxed fit, I think 26 would work on you, but in an ideal world I’d like you to be able to order size 25 & 26 to compare, but I can’t seem to find them in 25. =\

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Thanks Laniza! Just an FYI…this sweater is now 25% off at Shopbop with code SPRING25 (through Thursday).

  2. says: Sophia

    I love this method of using “fashion bookends!” Whenever I’m feeling “blah” about an outfit, having the top and bottom be of the same color usually rescues what could’ve been an outfit disaster in my eyes. :P I’m also not a huge fan of showing cleavage, so I think this sweater shows the perfect amount of skin! Xx

    1. says: Alterations Needed

      Hi Sophia! Yes! Sometimes all you need is to round out the outfit with the same color at the top and bottom to get it to work. One of my favorite tricks. =)

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