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Some big life changes coming up in the next few months! First of all, our wedding is in less than a month (eek!) and we’re in major crunch time trying to get all the little last minute details squared away. Secondly, we recently found out we’ll be moving (on up…get it?) to the San Francisco Bay area! Right after the wedding, we’ll be thrown right back into crunch time trying to find a new home, pack and move. Phew! If I fall off the face of the earth in the coming months, now you’ll know why!

Moving to the Bay Area also means…cooler winters! The lover of jackets and coats that I am, I’ve been happily shopping for coats and toppers. Whoohoo!

Flackback: While shopping a few weeks ago I stopped off at Talbots. While there, I saw a leopard print pencil skirt, ran my hand across the fabric, and thought, “what a nice, dark, muted leopard!”. Fast forward to a few days later and I received an email from Talbots asking if I’d like to try one of their new fall coats. On that list just happened to be a coat in that same pretty leopard print I saw in-store a few days earlier, so of course I was happy to try it!

Sizing doesn’t go quite as low at Talbots as it does at some of the other stores I shop, so while this is an oversized fit on me in size 2 petite, here’s where I was pleasantly surprised:

  • the shoulder (a typical problem for me) is nice and narrow.
  • the length is perfect for a long coat, ending a tad above the knee.
  • and of course, the nice leopard print in a soft plush texture.

It’s still too hot in San Diego to properly layer underneath, so I won’t know exactly how I’d like to tailor it until later, but I’m suspecting the torso and sleeves will get slimmed a bit (it is a few sizes bigger than I usually wear, so this is expected).

Also…I’ll point out here how much I love coats and jackets with flap pockets. Just by tucking the flap inside the pocket, you can change the look of your coat and/or reduce any bulk that might present itself on the waist or hips.


It appears this particular coat has been selling quickly on the Talbots website, so check back for restocks if you’re interested in trying it out.

Thank you to Talbots for sponsoring this post!

— Outfit Details —

Coat thanks to Talbots (same pretty leopard in a skirt)
Tee Everlane
Jeans Citizens of Humanity
Shoes Kate Spade
Handbag Trussardi
Belt Linea Pelle – on sale!
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples
Watch Michael Kors – on sale!
Necklaces vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, vintage, & Downtown LA
Brooch vintage

— Altered —

Jeans have been hemmed & ankle slimmed

— More Talbots Picks —

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  1. says: Gia T.

    Hello! Longtime fan but silent lurker here, but I just had to come out of the woodwork to say how excited I am you are moving to the Bay Area! Definitely the California capital of coats and jackets over here. ;)

    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      Hi Gia! Thanks for coming out of lurk-mode! ;)

      I’m really excited to move to the Bay Area! If you have any recommendations for good food or places to go, I’d love to hear!

      Have a great weekend!

      1. says: Gia T.

        1. Zazie- for brunch, their eggs benedict are the best!
        2. Thanh Long- they are in the Outer Sunset, but they make the best roast Dungeness crab in the city (and have been here since the 70’s, truly an SF institution!)
        3. Koi Palace- outside of SF, but really great for dumplings and peking duck in my opinion
        4. Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown- you must try their dan tart (egg tart)!

        Whew! SF definitely doesn’t have a shortage of food places, but those are my favorites. :)

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