Where To Shop Size 4 Shoes and Smaller

Where to find size 4 shoes and smaller

Hi, everyone! It seems a lot of questions about size 4 shoes have been coming through my inbox lately, so I wanted to post a refresher since this info can be found sprinkled around the blog, but I don’t think in one handy place. As always, feel free to post any helpful info I may have missed in the comments.

Do you know where I can find small size shoes in size 4 (or size 3, or size 2)? Do you know where I can buy small size shoes that ships internationally? How about small size WIDE shoes?

– questions have been edited for brevity or clarity.

A. As a shoe lover who can wear anything from size 4 shoes to size 5 shoes depending on the brand and style, I know fully well how difficult it is to find small shoe sizes. Below I’ve compiled a list of retailers that carry size 4 shoes and smaller. Happy shoe shopping!

Size 4 Shoes and Smaller From Low to Average Priced Brands

Carries down to size 3 shoes

Of course Amazon has small shoe sizes! They carry everything!

Carries down to size 4 shoes

Macy’s plethora of discounts and sales makes this an attractive option for brands such as Vince Camuto, Naturalizer, and Nine West.

Carries down to size 4 shoes

This brand is also carried at Macy’s and Nordstrom, but you can often find more styles and sizes on their own retail site.

Carries down to size 4 shoes :: Carries wide widths

Nordstrom is a favorite place of mine to shop for small shoes. They often order smaller shoe sizes that other department stores, or even than the brands own boutiques will carry, so it’s a great place to find name brand shoes in smaller sizes. They also carry small size shoes in their own Nordstrom brands such as B.P. and Halogen, and select brands in small size wide widths, although they are rare.

Nordstrom Rack 
Carries down to size 4 shoes :: Carries wide widths

This outlet for Nordstrom is a great place to find off-season shoes at a discount. All the same brands from Nordstrom stores end up here, and if you’re lucky, a designer option or two.

Shoes of Prey
Carries down to size 2.5 shoes :: Gives “width adjustments” for wide or narrow shoe needs

This company’s claim to fame is you can fully customize your pair of shoes, from style to color to heel height. These are nice if you have a specific style in mind that you can’t find anywhere else. Their sizing info is here. They also just started being carried at Nordstrom, so you have that great Nordstrom customer service and peace of mind!

Stuart Weitzman
Carries down to size 4 shoes

With a wide range of styles from classic office appropriate footwear, to thigh high boots, to on trend items, this a small shoe favorite. Prices toe the line of being designer, so prepare your pocketbooks!

Carries down to size 4 shoes :: Carries wide widths

Technically, Zappos carries down to size 2, but only if you’re looking for clogs and flip flops. The actual shoes and boots generally start at size 4. Wide and narrow widths are limited, but do exist.

Carries down to size 4 shoes :: Carries wide widths

6pm is the discount site for Zappos, so you can find similar sizing and brands to what Zappos carries. Sometimes a shoe will be listed on both sites at different prices, so check both to get the best deal. One caveat…6pm has a less generous return policy than Zappos, so weight that into your purchasing decisions.

Size 4 Shoes and Smaller from Designer Brands

Neiman Marcus
Carries down to size 4 shoes

Less of a selection as Nordstrom when it comes to designer, but I find small sizes in some of my favorite brands here such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin.

Carries down to size 4 shoes

A high-end designer shoe mecca! They have less of a selection as Nordstrom, but often carry different brands, and as far as I’ve seen, are often the only retailer to carry such small sizes besides the brands own boutiques (and even then, sometimes you can’t get your hands on them).

See also: The Outnet for past season discounts.

Carries down to size 4 shoes :: Carries wide widths

On top of their mid-tier shoe brand offerings, Nordstrom is also a great place to shop designer favorites such as Manolo Blahnik and  Valentino.

See also: Nordstrom Rack for US shoppers.

The Outnet
Carries down to size 4 shoes

This online only outlet for Net-a-porter is great for small shoe sizes from designer brands at a discount. Sometimes shoes have sold out on Net-a-porter will pop back up in hard to find sizes on The Outnet a season or two later, so keep your eyes peeled.

Size 4 Shoes and Smaller from Specialty Brands

Cinderella of Boston
Carries down to size 2 shoes :: Carries wide widths

This more affordably priced store, specializes in nothing but small size shoes, and have a brick and mortar store in Southern California if you’re local or happen to be visiting. They offer sizing help if you fax them an outline of your feet to make sure you get the right size.

Carries down to size 2 shoes

I’ve never tried this company, but looks like they have quite a few options in down to size 2. You can see their sizing info here.

Pretty Small Shoes
Carries down to size 2 shoes

Like Cinderella of Boston, this store specializes in small shoe sizes. Their selection is pretty vast, with lots of color and heel height options in each style. You can see their sizing info here.

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    1. Good question jk. I’ve yet to find a good option. I know Stuart Weitzman and Duo Boots (but I’ve seen problems with baggy ankles) has narrow calf sizes, but haven’t found my holy grail of narrow boots yet (so I don’t own any that I actually wear).

      1. says: Nicci

        Poppy Barley (www.poppybarley.com) is another option, though whether you’d consider them affordable is another thing. They don’t have as many styles as Duo, but you can customize the foot width/calf width (30-50cm)/shaft height (14-16.5in) on all of them. Unfortunately they only carry down to size 5 though. I just ordered my first pair today so I’ll be doing a post about them when they eventually come in.

  1. says: Aleth

    Thanks for posting this! Have you ordered from Shoes of Prey? If so, what is your experience? They are a bit pricey and I am hesitant to order since I do not the quality.


  2. says: Annette

    Nordstrom carries Saint Laurent in size 34 as well.

    In the past, I had a minimum clothing budget and splurged on shoes. Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin can special order shoes in a smaller size, provided they have the last for it. Blahnik charges 20% on top of the retail price and Louboutin charges 30%. The lead time for the custom made shoes is about 2-3 months.

    Of all the shoes I have tried, Manolo Blahnik has the most comfortable shoes. :-)

  3. says: Michelle

    For those of you in the NYC area – or those who want to chance the shipping (it’s free!), check out The Little Shoe Store on Clinton St!


    I’ve been in and their in-store selection is quite lovely… I am a 36 so am at the VERY upper end of their range! There are so many nice shoes and boots that they don’t carry in my size! Ladies in the 32-35 range for sure should check them out. I’d say they’re midpriced (pumps ~$100, boots ~$200). Many Spanish and Italian brands. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have their full inventory online, but I’d look regardless :-)

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