How to Wear Layers in Summer (Without Getting Heat Stroke)




I love layers, so summer dressing starts to drive me nuts after a certain point. All those poor blazers and sweaters going unworn! So many beautiful layers of clothing too hot to wear! For this reason, this super thin stripe tee has been really nice. It’s so thin and breezy, it can get worn with another thin breezy item, and the effect is layered without inducing heat stroke. Here the tissue-thin tee is worn under a sheer trench-detail silk blouse (worn open like a jacket), and it’s almost as if I’m wearing one of my beloved blazers again. Almost.

— Details —

Shirts Zara (old) (similar) & Vince
Shorts American Eagle (similar)
Heels Alexandre Birman (in black)
Handbag Chanel
Belt J.Crew
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples
Watch Michael Kors (on sale!)
Necklaces vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, vintage & Downtown LA

— Altered —

Zara shirt has been tailored down

— More Tissue-Thin Layers —

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    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      I hear ya! It’s all about the tissue-thinnest layers you can find! I’ll sigh a big sigh of relief when I can comfortably wear a blazer again. ;)

  1. says: Han

    Hi Kelly,
    First of all I just want to tell you I love your blog! I am a huge fan of blazers too, and can not wait for the cooler temps! I love your style, and how you incorporate blazers in many of your posts. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of getting your clothes tailored for a better fit, those tailors are truly our BFFs! Oh and thanks for the tip on the AE denim shorts, I love wearing them and have purchased 3 in the last month!

    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      Thank you for the kind words, Han! So glad you jumped on those AE shorts! I’ve been wearing mine to death this summer. =)

  2. says: Deb

    Very nice as always. Wish I’d got organised and ordered this tee before the smallest sizes were sold. Good to see you are getting a lot of use from those divine heels. I’ve been reluctant with ankle straps since I’m petite, but you have confirmed petites can wear them. They look particularly good in this light colour. I’ll get some for the Southern Hemishere summer later in the year.

    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      Thank you, Deb! Yes, if you’re concerned about keeping a long leg line in ankle strap sandals, a tan or nude is the way to go. Good luck finding a good pair this upcoming summer!

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