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Obviously, stripes are still on my mind. All my old stripe tops are sweaters, so much too warm to wear during these hot summer months. When looking for a summer-weight stripe top during the spring and summer sale season, I wanted something thin and gauzy, with a touch of slouch. This Vince tee has been perfect! It’s super thin and soft, but not so sheer that a nude bra can’t handle things. And for those of you similarly sized to myself, the Vince website has the rarely seen size xxs.

— Outfit Details —

Tee Vince (also here)
Jeans Rag & Bone thanks to Shopbop (also here)
Shoes Alexandre Birman (in black)
Handbag Chanel
Belt J.Crew
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington
Necklaces vintage & Downtown LA
Rings CatbirdLittleFeathers (also love this one), vintage & Downtown LA

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Patience

    I also loved the way you tucked the front of your shirt in your pants, and the shoes look nice too, but I have one question. I know this might be weird, but I was wondering if the rings you have on your on fingers aren’t too tight judging from the last picture

    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      Thanks Patience!

      Re: the rings…not at all. What you’re seeing in that photo is a moment in time displaying the happy coincidences of the situation. Hands/fingers can swell or flatten out under pressure, just like your feet on a hot day. In that photo, I’m holding a heavy handbag, while trying not to let it slip from between my fingers, for a long enough period of time to take a bunch of photos, on a hot day. So, you’re seeing the combination of the pressure put on my fingers from a death grip on the handbag + heat + real life (aka…I don’t photoshop my images to false reality or perfection). Hope that makes sense.

  2. says: Cristina

    I just got my Vince tee, and it is quite breezy. Nice and lightweight for the summer months :) I was wondering… did you find that your tee easily snagged. I washed it in the “hand wash” cycle of my washer and all looks good, but it just seems really delicate.

    1. Hi Cristina! Yes, I’d say it’s easily snagged so be careful when washing! I put it in a mesh garment wash bag before tossing it in the washer (also on “hand wash” cycle) and it’s been coming out fine. However, I think I may have snagged it already with a ring (I was able to gently tug it back into shape, but plan to carefully stitch it up), so be careful with what jewelry you wear with it as well! Other than that, I’m really happy with it and it’s been a great breezy tee to wear in this heat! Have a great weekend!

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